I Won A Prize…

…and I didn’t know it!!! Somebody kick me please!!!
You see those two hand-made-by-Scott glasses in the picture? Well one of them is mine!!! Good grief, am I slow or what, remember me mentioning I got second place in Scott’s (a.k.a. Gnat of Glass) “count the marbles in the vase” competition!?!?! Well bunnies- I got a prize too… and I have yet to send him my snail-mail address… because I’m slow!
I do SO adore glass, and if you want to see some exquisite pieces- go over and look at Scott’s work!
and don’t anyone dare count the exclamation marks- I know I use too many…

2 thoughts on “I Won A Prize…

  1. Well done Angel. I too love glass. But I could’nt fit another piece in this house with Orrefors, Boda and Caithness.

    I’ll have to look up the web.

    Yes, lekker!! (Now that I know what it means )!!!!

    P.S We are plodding through Uni. It will take twice as long as anyone but who cares if he’s 30 when he graduates!!!

  2. Those are SO beautiful! Congratulations. Which one are you getting?

    It’s so lekka to win something!

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