And It’s GO! GO! GOOOO!!!*

Bunnies- this afternoon I watched what could possibly be THE most entertaining F1 grand prix since I can’t remember when! This will be a spoiler- so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read any further.
My beloved red fire engines qualified in first and third- Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa respectively- with Fernando Alonso in a McCLaren-Mercedes between them. And to give credit where its due- the Ferraris probably would have been a little further down on the grid had the superlative rookie, Lewis Hamilton, not crashed out brutally during yesterday’s qualifying. He was subsequently cleared to drive, but had to start 10th on the grid.
The race was very nearly a total catastrophe- with no less than SIX cars skidding off the track- one after the other- at turn one, on the second lap! Just about everyone had switched to intermediates immediately after the start, then the rain came down in buckets and turned parts of the track into shallow streams… aquaplane heaven!!! Intermediates just weren’t good enough for a lot of the drivers. I can tell you one thing- the footage of those cars spinning off one after the other is going to be doing the interweb rounds for a loooong time coming! These initial mishaps were not too serious- but they resulted in first the safety car (with Spyker driver Liuzzi very nearly rear ending it), and then a red flag!

A red flag bunnies!!

Do you KNOW how often that happens??!?
The race was spectacular! I was shouting and cheering all through it! Winkelhock even led for a couple of laps in his first F1 race ever- only to blow his engine later, poor dude!!! Hamilton was one of the drivers who lost the plot at turn one- and he was narrowly missed by Scott Speed who also spun off- but he managed to keep his engine running, partly thanks to the cold weather, and a crane put him back on the track. He finished 9th, outside the points and a lap down… his first non-podium finish of the season! He really is impressive. At one stage they showed a replay of Winkelhock’s engine packing in, and I managed to scare the bejeebers outta my SIL by throwing my hands in the air and making like an explosion… heh heh. Webber and Coulthard gave Red Bull Renault their best results ever. Heidfeld managed to tangle with Kubica and a little later take out Ralf Schumacher, although I don’t think it was Heidfeld’s error entirely. My beloved red fire engines took another blow to their 2007 season pride when Raikkonen’s engine gave out more or less halfway through the race.
With just under 5 laps to go, and the rain coming down again gently (and a little wheel nudge from Alonso to prove his point), Felipe Massa in the remaining Ferrari was pushed into second place and 8 points added to his championship bid.
Today’s results placed the Ferrari’s third and fourth in the season’s points, behind the McLarens. The BMWs are fifth and sixth, and last years champions- Renault- are seventh and eight. Nice and neat, eh?
Sadly, I have missed so much of the 2006 and 2007 F1 season due to the broadcast being taken over by DSTV… I can’t afford it, and my daddy darling is no longer an F1 fan- even today, he picked on me mercilessly by switching channels to watch SBK every chance he got, heh heh! He so knows how to push my buttons when it comes to F1!!! He was always a McCLaren fan where I’ve always loved the Ferraris.
Speaking of bikes… did anyone see any of the Isle of Man TT this year? I saw some highlights and it was jaw dropping to say the least- I especially love the sidecars, I reckon those guys must have a screw loose to do that…

*sadly no prizes for knowing who I quoted in the title…

7 thoughts on “And It’s GO! GO! GOOOO!!!*

  1. Angel,

    Those are Honda cars, but the Honda Motor Corporation does very little in the way of funding, as well as research and development.

    It would be similar to you sending Damien out into Moto GP with a scooter and the day’s lunch money to fund his pit crew for the entire season. Honda concentrates the majority of their funds on the Indy Racing League as the majority of their sales are in America.

    I miss the days of Senna and Mansell, when Ferrari and Renault were lucky to even take third.

  2. I must admit I am perplexed at the allure of watching ‘athletes’ drive fast cars. I knew someone who would get up in the middle of the night to watch F1.

    You certtainly seem to be up on all the lingo and I wonder if you poo-poo at the Yankees and their Nascar? Nobody loves their cars more than Merkins!..but it has to be their cars.

    Is it just me or wouldn’t autoracing be considered the MOST politically incorrect ecoUNfriendly ‘sport’ in History?
    Don’t shoot the messenger now?!

  3. kingcover: i’m a loooong time ferreari fan dude- no matter who drives! and it was indeed the great mw- and my dad, brother and i still quote him when the opportunity arises… i actually heard him commentate on last year’s f1 masters race at kyalami!

    katy katy katy: have you ever? i’m a huge fan, love it! when ferrari took the championship again for the first time in more than 20 years i actually cried…

    faerie: oooh i’d love to watch more nascar!

    writeprocrastinator: honda are in f1- driven by barrichello & button- in fact their car this year is exquisitely painted… but they have to look good coz they aint doin much else, teehee…

  4. I do wish Honda would get back in F1. They have taken over the Indy Racing League and it’s just not the same without any competition. Likewise Ford/Cosworth with CHAMP Car Racing.

  5. Racing is AWESOME isnt it. Im a NASCAR fan.

    Gotta love that roar of the engines flying past you at 200 mph

  6. I had no idea you were into F1 and especially the TT races 🙂

    I know who was famous for saying “Go go goooo” The great MW 😉

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