Our Rollercoaster Is Pretty Much Heading UP The Tracks Again…

Yup… this is pretty much an “all quiet on the home front” kinda sit-rep for anyone who may be interested, especially since my writing about my personal life is so immensely popular on the interweb!
Sorry, recovered, I’m back… and still craving another tattoo, but that’s another post altogether…
I had a parent-teacher conference night on Monday, and while I have always gone to these things with a sense of dire trepidation*, and previously I would receive a summons with a stipulated time allocated to me as the mom of Damien… I was not too nervous about this one at all.
I saw all his teachers except his Afrikaans teacher, who I spoke to last week at the school’s open night, and I didn’t worry about seeing her on Monday either as she spoke to me last week. This is the teacher who didn’t like Damien’s art… and she actually asked me last week if I thought Damien had strange friends or that he was maybe in trouble or something as she thought his drawings had a satanic taint to them (she spoke to me in Afrikaans). I said no. I said I know and like what he draws, and I know what his influences are. Then I walked out of the room… I was quickly forgetting how to count to ten- you know like when you repeat a word over and over and over again until it has no more meaning. I think she was fishing to find out whether Damien had told me what had happened at the school or not. I didn’t tell her he’d said anything.
The rest of the parent’s evening went pretty well. We managed to get some information prudent to next year, when his subject choices come down (from 10 in all to 6) in order to prepare for further studying, and we found out that his school does not offer Science past grade 9, which he needs for his BSc… so in all likelihood he’ll have 5 subjects at school next year and take Science separately with a tutor… yay- more expenses for me!!!
I also got an updated version of Damien’s second term school report on Monday (I got the first one last Friday). Last week I was already SO proud of Damien, as he had maintained his first term average even while writing exams! Then I got the new updated report as one of his teachers had not finished marking by last Friday or something… and the new report is even better!!! His average actually went up- he didn’t fail one subject!! AND his overall average does not include his art marks!!!
I am so proud of him!
And then the little ess-aitch-one-tee went and cleaned out my change purse! Twice in the last two days… one step forward, two steps back… you’d think I’d be used to it by now eh? He didn’t even argue when I told him to bring me the power cable to the old PC his granny gave him for tidying up his room!

*is this just a wee bit over the top…?

11 thoughts on “Our Rollercoaster Is Pretty Much Heading UP The Tracks Again…

  1. “so wtf is the problem!!!?!”

    The teacher, the teacher, and though I could be mistaken, the teacher. Then again, I could be wrong altogether and it’s the people who went ahead and accredited that miscreant as a teacher.

    I don’t know, it’s all so open to interpetation.

  2. faerie: MWA!

    writeprocrastinator: thanx! and what gets my back up is he’s doing well in her class- in all his classes- so wtf is the problem!!!?!

    muriel: heh heh… like the cold shivers i get if i see the school’s name on my cell screen!

  3. Having teenagers is just HARD. I have two. Someone sent me an SMS by mistake the other day that said (in Afrikaans), ‘I have mailed some information to the school that might prove useful.’ I panicked. My daughter (16) is in constant trouble at school and I had that terrible heart-sinking feeling and thought, What NOW?! When I discoverd the SMS had been sent to me by mistake I felt GUILTY — because I’d suspected my daughter of misbehaving and this once she hadn’t! You just can’t win…

  4. I’m glad you showed restraint, I would’ve asked told the teacher that I asked Damien if one of his teachers were in trouble or something, as you can never tell if they hang with a shady crowd.

  5. Hey Angel,
    As always I will give my opinion of whatever… so here goes…

    Damien did GREAT… and that is all that matters in that department of school. He is dealing with himself and his teachers … this is awesome…

    and as for the change purse.. that is just a teen-im-entitled-to-it thing… all kids do this… matter of fact I just had this discussion with my best friend since her daughter started a change jar… all the change she sees goes in her jar… yeah… NO it doesnt…

    just letting ya know you arent alone and its not your side of the globe only too!!!

  6. katy katy katy: you’re a sweetie!

    katt: never ever!

    craig d: hi! 0;-p trolling is a good thing right…?

    dawn: thanx sweetie! any time is a good time for an email from you!

  7. Congratulations to Damien – that is fantastic news. I think the whole steps forward and back thing applies to all teenagers at different times in their teens – but can understand it being frustrating for you. I still consider you a mommy-super-shero! I have not been around for weeks and intend updating some time before the end of this one. You do know that I think of you so much even when we are behaving like we live on two different planets and NEVER have a chance to catch up. Would this be a good time for you to receive THAT email? Lots of love. xox

  8. Boy – I really have to do some archive trolling here!

    Just stopping by to say “hi.”

  9. wow congrats to Damien on his grades. Sorry to hear he took steps back. But I think all in all you are doing great

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