I’m Going To Subject You To Another Of My Hobbies…

Yup… I scrapbook too! My mom and I get together (or try to) on a Friday night once a month and we scrap together. Between the two of us we have a shite load of stickers and scrapping toys and we have a wonderful time! I’ve done several pages- but (and I’m sure every scrapper will be able to relate) I’m not too happy with how they all turned out. I like to plan my pages carefully, and when I don’t- I don’t like the result. And then I found Cheryl Wray’s blog, and her scrapping is gorgeously inspirational! And then one day Cheryl linked to pencil lines and I have used several of their layouts in my scrap album and on my digital pages.
So here a few of my pages- the ones I’m happy with…

9 thoughts on “I’m Going To Subject You To Another Of My Hobbies…

  1. Nice pages! I’ve never tried scrapbooking in real life, but I took an online class once to do it digitally. I learned a few Photoshop tricks out of the class.

  2. Beautiful pages. You have a lot more patience than me. I prefer digiscrapping but I’m not very good at it.

  3. Coolness! And I agree about the post above, what irritates us does help us understand ourselves. 🙂

  4. I like scrapbooking but I don’t have much time or talent for it. But still its fun to look back at those pages I did

  5. anonymous: i haven’t seen it- i’d like to, thanx for the compliment! i wasn’t ever particularly keen on starting coz the stuff i see in mags and books is daunting, but i found a book with hints and tiups in that i like and a bunch of online links that inspire me too!

    writeprocrastinator: mwaaaaaaaahahahahaaaa… i don’t think his school friends spend much time online…

    louisa: thanx!

    w.w.: har har, i never thought of that!

  6. You and your mom “scrap” together? In our part of the world, the usual meaning of that would be you fight each other!

    These are beautiful scrapbook pages, Angel, a loving tribute that shows your pride and creativity.

  7. Is that Damien there that is “cute as a button?” I hope his mates don’t see this blog or it’s constant razzing for the next two years.

  8. Would have never put you down as a scrap booking kind of gal. I am impressed. I am horribly uncreative but have been keen to give it a go. I am actually gonna learn to sew first though. Have u seen Little Miss Sunshine? Teenage boy reminds me of Damien.

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