Ahem, Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

Be sure to stow all hand luggage and fasten your seatbelts. Make sure your coffee cups have lids, and restore your keyboards to their most beneficially accessible position. Get a good grip on your mice… mouse… mouses?
Aw buggrit!
Oh how I LOVE my blog.
I love bogging THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much!*
I love my bunnies, I love my comments, I love my dots, I adore the friends I have made through my blog and I dunno fot the wuck I ever did without all o’ you! I fell I have gotten even closer to my sister B and my bestest best friend– through blogging- can you bloody credit it!!?!
… and you could see that coming couldn’t you?
Heh heh…
Now don’t panic dear bunnies- I’m not going anywhere! Nope- exhaaaaale, breeeeathe… oh alright, alright! I am allowed a wee bit of vanity aren’t I!!?!
What I’m trying to get at is that I think I missed the boat somewhere with the manner in which I post, if- that is- I think about what I wanted to blog “for”. I initially started this blog with some big ideas and some vague notions that I may be able to help other single moms and other parents to ADHDers, by writing about how Damien and I get along with everyday stuff. Like dealing with AD/HD. Like the flak and support I get from other parents and teachers, like parenting alone, like shitty phone calls, that kind of thing. You know, stuff. But I didn’t want to just write down what happened- I wanted to write about what happened and how we dealt with it and what the outcome was and what we learned from it and and and…**
See, when I look at the sites that I visit when I read about and research AD/HD (yup, I still do that), like ADD Moms, ADHD & LD Resources, ADHD News and Thom Hartmann… and about twenty others- I see there kinda what I had in mind when I started blogging.
Um. Lemme rephrase that a bit. I don’t think the way I blog is wrong (for lack of a better word), but I didn’t ONLY want to have a journal- which I could use to tell anyone who wanted to read it all about my darling Damien*** and how marvelously talented and creative and clever and loving he is. I wanted to be able to “inform” as well as brag…
Oh boy… I see now, heh heh… this post is making less and less sense as I go along!
Never mind bunnies! I’m just rambling…

*note to self, have t-shirt made
** okay- what I learned, since Damien doesn’t always absorb these things!

***whose last school report was fan-friggin-TAStic bunnies… though I think I mentioned it already

6 thoughts on “Ahem, Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

  1. e.c.: i’m feeling a wee bit better at last… back to work monday so i don’t have much choice! glad you like “fot the wuck”… i try not to swear!

    cheryl: thanx for the compliment cheryl, i love your blog too!

    katy katy katy: aaw, thanx katy!

    yellowdog granny: oh i SO know where you’re coming from!

    allan: thank you, sweetie!

  2. I don’t know what i would do without my blogging family and being able to blog..it has made my life funner….

  3. i love those stories about you and Damien. I even learn from them (the taking toys to the pawn will be something I’ll use as a parent!)I can’t say I would read it if it was all about research and stuff – variety is the key

  4. I love your rambling…. it makes me smile!!
    I love your blog!
    I also love that you want to inform us more! I’d love to hear anything yo uhave to say!!

  5. But you do more of that than you think you do! Honest! No kiddin’! I personally don’t see much wrong with taking an occasional trip down other interesting side roads. You do always end up turning back onto the main hiway ya know!

    By the way: totally cracked up (yes – out loud!) at “fot the wuck …”

    Fingers crossed that you’re feeling better!

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