So What’s In A (Middle) Name…?

Pat, AKA Eternally Curious tagged me with a meme I haven’t seen before!
Here’re the rules…
1. You have to post these rules before your answers.
2. Players must list one fact that is somehow relevant to their life- for each letter of their middle name! (If you have no middle name, use a middle name you would have liked to have had… or make one up!)
3. Then write your own blog-post showing your middle name “factoids”.
4. Then choose one blogger matching each letter of your middle name- leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!
And I’m not telling whether this is really my middle name or whether I’m just messing with your heads, okay!

F FICTION… reading and trying to write it! It’s how I escape and its how I switch my brain off to go to bed at night.
R READING… I do a lot of it- no matter how much I blog or surf, I read when I go to bed, fantasy fiction and parenting books!
A AD/HD… I live with it all the time and I research and read everything I can get my hands on to make mine and Damien’s life easier.
N NOODLE… is what I’m currently calling Damien (he’s had an assortment of nicknames)! And the cats! Oh, and my friend’s kidlets…
K KITTIES… Greebo, Taxi and Grampa scratchy. My three furbabies, my furry masters!
I IMAGINATION… mine drives me nuts sometimes! If I’m not making up stories about the people I meet and see, I am imagining the worst because Damien isn’t answering his phone!
E EATING… anything and everything! I do so love my food…

Now, that 4th rule is going to be a challenge and a half on its own! Right… who to tag…
F is a problem…
R is for Rockin’ the Comet Phats and Nutz on a Roll style!
A is for Aquila On Line
N is for the Not So New Mom On The Blog
K is for The Katt Box
I is for Infinity
E is for… E is for… ooer, lets see, Eternally Curious tagged me so I can’t tag her for this one… oh crappers! Any volunteers for F and E?

3 thoughts on “So What’s In A (Middle) Name…?

  1. thomas: thanx for stopping by! i went to sun city once for a “collective soul” concert but i didn’t see much of the place… are you coming back?

  2. Oh, I miss so south africa… I was one year in Sun City and I never forget it. It is the most beautifull city in the world!

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