An ADHD Poem

I think I may have posted this poem before, but it remains one of my favourites, and it has been posted to my ADHD email support group a few times. I have also Googled the author of the poem but I can’t find anymore poetry attributed to her. I also dunno when you wrote it- but I’d like to thank you, Michelle, for sharing this with the world.

You’ve seen me before.
By Michelle Flood (Mom to Austin, 6 )

I’m the mom dragging her kid out of the car in the school parking lot while he holds on to the interior for dear life.
I’m the mom walking her kid into school wearing no shoes or coat when it’s 12 degrees outside.
I’m the mom who issues a sigh instead of a gasp when caller ID shows it’s the school calling.
I’m the mom whose cell phone number is on the school’s speed dial.
I’m the mom who has strangers tell her she has the most charming son while caregivers tell her he’s exhausting and suggest I look elsewhere for care.
I’m the mom who knows to hold onto the stair railing so she doesn’t get pushed down the stairs in her child’s rage.
I’m the mom who has put her kid in his room then sat outside crying while he emptied his closet and threw hangers at the door, chipping off the paint.
I’m the mom who had a lock on her kid’s bedroom door to keep him in his room at night when he was young.
I’m the mom who knows the best way to carry a 50 lb kid in a manner where she can’t get kicked, hit or bit.
I’m the mom who can turn her back for 2 seconds and lose her kid in a hotel, on a cruise ship, at the park, or anywhere that child abductors might be lurking.
I’m the mom who will let her 6 year old go into the men’s bathroom at McDonalds alone rather than suffer a meltdown of epic proportions.
I’m the mom who people shake their heads at and say, “That kid wouldn’t be doing that if he were my son”, or “that kid just needs a swift kick in the pants”.
On the other hand, I’m the mom who gets bear hugs and “I love you” with no prompting and right out of the blue.
I’m the mom who gets asked at bedtime, “Will you share some special time with me tonight?”
I’m the mom who has a little boy hugging and kissing her with total abandon – in front of his friends.
I’m the mom who smiles proudly as her son charms the waitress, the mailman and the pizza delivery kid.
I’m the mom who gets to celebrate even the tiniest accomplishments of her son because each one means so much.
I’m the mom who has a son who can make her double over laughing because he has such a great sense of humor.
And I’m the mom who can love her son through good and bad unconditionally.
I’m the mom with an ADHD son.

I emailed the poem to my mommy darling since I knew she’d “get it” and I like to send out poems like this one on email to “boost” ADHD awareness… and my mommy darling replied with this and reduced me to a blubbering lump in the process!!

You may have seen me too and not realised it.

I’m the Gran praying that my daughter won’t do him a damage while trying to get him out of a sticky situation, knowing that she won’t.
I’m the Gran worrying about her stress levels and worrying about his future.
I’m the Gran who did not understand and would not accept what ADHD was about and how much support my daughter truly needs.
I’m the Gran who picks her heart up off the floor when caller ID shows my daughter is calling – and it’s usually just to say Hi!
I’m the Gran who finally woke up to the stresses of ADHD and now defends her reactions and his actions most vehemently.
I’m the Gran who wants to hug my daughter in the tough times but at the same time would like to knock his block off. Yet I love him with all my heart.
I’m the Gran whose home is a refuge for hurting hearts and hidden deeds.
I’m the Gran who will protect him from everyone else but his mom’s reprimands.
I’m the Gran whose jaw drops at the open minded conversations and compromises reached between them to have peace and understanding.
I’m the Gran whose heart aches for my daughter and bleeds for my grandson.
I’m the Gran who bursts with pride when I am out and about with this gorgeous, charming grandchild.
I’m the Gran who loves his hugs and cuddles – even though he is a teen he is so affectionate.
I’m the Gran whose heart sores when I see him happy and smiling but that same heart is devastated when he brings hurt upon himself.
I’m the Gran who brags about his every little achievement and his love for animals.
I’m the Gran who is trying to educate herself and those around me about how very real ADHD is.
You have seen many like me in the background quietly being a buffer, a teacher, a mother, a grandmother, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen without judgement.

I’m the Gran of an ADHD boy and I love him and his mommy unconditionally.

11 thoughts on “An ADHD Poem

  1. I am teary eyed right now. That is very beautiful indeed!!

    Somebody once said that you raise children on your knees, firstly in prayer and secondly to be on their level (thus closer), and then of course for all the picking up after them when “accidents” happened.

  2. wow, great stuff, as is your recent post.
    i love that you care so passionately about your son AND your family relationships, and want the best for all of you.
    God grant you strength and perseverance.
    thank you for your recent comments, it means a lot to me.

  3. cheryl: thank you so much for the compliment Cheryl, my mom and I have come a long way together

    phats: hey dude- Damien says hi back!

    e.c.: aw you’re so sweet!

    jenty: I have a LOT of help!

    brigitte: oh sis, I wanna back down ALL the time!

    mel: looking forward to meeting you too mel!

    jason evans: don’t I know it!!?!

  4. What a gift for her to write you that poem. You have a wonderful supporter there. 🙂

  5. Wow to both poems! I know I don’t have to tell you how blessed you are to have your mommy dearest. I really look forward to meeting you both!
    Mel xxx

  6. Thanks for making me cry on a friday morning…
    You are all so precious, and I am so very proud of you and how you have faced everything head on and never ever ONCE backed down.

    I love you.

    And Thanks eternallycurious for that – made me feel better knowng I was not alone in my tears. And for making me laugh.

  7. Wow, what beautiful poems.
    I take my hat off to you – dunno if I would cope.
    Like eternallycurious, I’m now in tears.

  8. Oh great! Thanks Angel and Gran! No really, just thanks! Now I’m crying, can’t see the monitor and my keyboard is getting wet!!

    And a huge sob just made me snort!

  9. Those are both so great!! And your Mum sounds just so wonderful; I loved her response poem. Just great!
    I really admire you! I know it must be hard!

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