8 thoughts on “Woohoo!!!

  1. i am utterly delighted that i’m not the only person in the whole of south africa who cannot afford dstv…you made my day!! sometimes (but only sometimes)i miss having an extra salary around X

  2. I hope the coaster is becoming level again. I totally understand the ‘who will read this?’ bit.
    Good thoughts to you!

  3. We don’t have the show here. We just have the reality at home!!!

    I liked you comment about Hillsong on my blog. Everyone in the Christian world seems to want to go. It took us 21 years to get there.We really didnt like their old theology of prosperity. Thank God thats changed People come from around the world to attend and you, my dear call it a “seminar thingo”!!!LOL

  4. Is this show still on in the states do you know? I have heard of it but only seen it when I was waiting on the simpsons to start.

  5. ^^ OY!

    anyway.. a freewrite as explained to me.

    one word or thought and you let your fingers type what your conscious thoughts are…

    the first one i did was re my daughter when she was missing.. and the second re marriage….

    that way you get the idea…

  6. I so love your worldview Angel but I really hate War at Home. I think it shows all the nastiness that we as parents try to manage in the best possible way, and it’s portrayed in a way that makes it funny when actually it’s quite tragic. I don’t think our kids having underage sex and taking drugs is at all amusing. I think kids who have to ‘parent’ their parents, in addition to everything else they have to cope with, are at a terrible disadvantage. I just can’t laugh at parents who are stupid and insensitive. The War at Home kids are sitcom kids, they’re not real (thank god). But there are too many parents in the world who really ARE like those caricatures of parents. I have to assume that the only reason the show wasn’t cancelled in its first season is that Americans are too bludgeoned by fierceness of all kinds to recognise emotional pornography when they see it. (Give me Married with Children any day — at least they were honest about what they were doing.)

  7. hmmm I think we have that here.. Im gonna guess we are in our second season.

    soooooooo .. where is your poem. LOL

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