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  1. Yep – got your email Angel! Thanks! And I know you usually can’t go “visiting” until the weekend, but I also answered your comment to my post … stop on by if you get a chance!

  2. faerie: 99% for me or for you… mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa! i’ll check my email this afternoon…

    katy katy katy: damn, i’ll have to try harder!

    sweetass: unless you count snacking whilst blogging which (as allan says) can contribute to weight gain…

    e.c.: i woulda never guessed! did you get my email?

    supermom: please don’t darling…

    blue momma: that was where i saw it! and i got so excited to check mine i just realised i didn’t comment!!!

    allan: i better see an improvement soon!

  3. On Aug 9 post I was 78% addicted.

    I hate to know what it’s like to be more addicted than that because this thing is consuming me at only 78!

  4. By the way – I live for comments on my blog too! Can’t ever get enough of them. I wish I knew as much about html editing as you clearly do. I love that you’ve added this little blurb to your comments!

  5. i’m also 65%…unlike smoking i will never lose my addiction to blogging! thank goodness there is no health side effects!

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