So What Do You Have For Breakfast?

Rice Crispies?
How bout egg on toast, or a full on English with muffins et al?
Me- I have an argument Monday through Wednesday, then on Thursdays and Fridays I have a temper tantrum so I can make sure I have some variety…
Haaaa ha… my life sounds like a Monty Python movie!
But really, pretty much every single morning starts off with Damien and I arguing over something, unless we aren’t really talking due to some or other argument the day before. And anything can turn into an argument- just waking him up is enough to get him growling at me, or having the audacity to ask if he’s brushed his teeth and had his meds will give him a fat lip too!
You’d think having an argument or a tantrum for breakfast would be healthy since they’re completely preservative, caffeine, reservation, sugar and calorie free…

10 thoughts on “So What Do You Have For Breakfast?

  1. I’m sure I have similar things to look forward to as my little one is very opinionated, even at age three.

    But for now mornings are hugs and warm milk time for us. Best part of the day.

    Now nap time? A completely different story…..

  2. Let’s see…no coffee, I am grumpy…too much coffee and I am tense.A heavy sugar buzz really helps with my mood swings- helps cause them!

  3. Lets see, I have some weetbix and some arguing and some nagging. All the nutrition groups rolled into one whloesome brekky!!

  4. I can so relate to this one. It’s a constant fight to get Bradley to eat before we leave the house in the morning.

  5. to be a mom is such a thankless job aintit???!!! i am the growling one in the morning, there is no fights in our house, cause my kids know they musn’t speak to me until i’ve had my cornflakes!!!

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