Seems I’m Not The Only One Who Doesn’t Like Quechup!

I don’t mind cooking with tomato sauce… but I’m not mad about it any other way!
And I might well have ended up stained by the virtual sauce as well had I not Googled it first… which I must be honest- I did pretty much by accident. I just typed the word “Quechup” into my IE address bar and it came up with a Google list…

…of complaints!

It seems Quechup is causing a bit of an uproar- you can read more here, here, here, here, here and here if you’d like…
I think I’ll continue to abstain thanx.

6 thoughts on “Seems I’m Not The Only One Who Doesn’t Like Quechup!

  1. Man did you go on a posting spree or what….

    Prize finally went out. I had a hell of a time at the post with it. I hope it gets there in one piece if not, we will work something out. The post told me they might strip off the outside box…so who knows. Keep and eye out for it. I would say in the next 5 days.


  2. I don’t know about this. I will have to check it out!!
    (And…ha ha!…i love your little comment about leaving comments!)

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