Children Have More Need Of Models Than Of Critics*

I spent yesterday with someone- who in my humble opinion- should be made a saint one day! One thing’s for sure she’s going to be able to retire and call in a LOT of favours!
My cousin (by marriage) Ydnic, is one of those people who is not only a blast to spend time and gallivant with and is a fabulous conversationalist (yes it’s a real word), she is also a wonderful Christian AND takes in all manner of human “strays” at any time and without hesitation- often housing and supporting them for months at a time! And its not like she has nothing better to do… she’s married with two special children (an ODD daughter and an ADD son), so her hands are puh-LENTY full already. Then she teaches Sunday school (and life skills) to under-privileged children who would otherwise not have a Sunday school teacher or a Sunday school to go to. In the winter Ydnic cooks massive pots of soup and then goes and feeds the homeless on weekends. She has had so many people living in her house ‘coz they have nowhere else to go that I have long since lost track of them all- sometimes there’re whole families living in her house…
She has two people (one with a little boy) living with her who are each going through some rough relationship stuff and she was taking care of a neighbours child while the mom was away for the weekend!
Now you know why the poor chick doesn’t get to blog very often…
So yesterday I went to share with her and her hubby some of what I learned at the ADHD conference and she offered to make us lunch. Lasagne was on the menu- for twelve people! I nearly fell over!!! Over and above the people staying with her there were two other neighbourhood kids visiting to play and they got lunch too! And then there was ice-cream and chocolate sauce for dessert!!!
Then to top it all,she promplty made up no less than 8 school and work lunch bags- including one for the little boy she was looking after ‘coz she knew his mom would be home late and wouldn’t have time to make one, and one each for Damien and I!
So after chatting about what I learned at the conference and having a delicious lunch we watched one of mine and Ydnic’s favourite movies- Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet- and then chatted and laughed till I realised it was well after 10pm!
Ydnic and your hubby S… I love you both to death; you’re an inspiration to me and to many!

*Carolyn Coats

10 thoughts on “Children Have More Need Of Models Than Of Critics*

  1. writeprocrastinator: i love her to death, and i thank gor for putting her in our lives!

    muriel: no worries darling, we all get a little behind sometimes… mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaa!

  2. Hey Angel. Thanks for your input on salmagundi. I’ve been hectic, haven’t been able to trawl my favourite sites for a while. Loved your post re Ydnic. In my experience very busy people are always the ones who can find just that extra minute (or hour or day or week or lifetime!) for other people. It’s those who don’t have enough to do who can’t reach out? The more you give, the more you CAN give. Sounds pat, but it’s true. Pls give Ydnic a big hug from me.

  3. if all of us did a 10th of what she seems to be doing – can you imagine the world we’d live in????

  4. sweetass: so do i…

    mel: awesome indeed!

    liz: hello and welcome!! i love new readers- i look forward to seeing more of you- i’ll pop over and play catch up on your page!

  5. Angel — So excited to have found your blog from Mel’s. (And am so jealous you got to meet her outside the computer last week!)

    Love your post and I completely agree that the world needs more people like that who so truly demonstrate Christ’s love.

    I, too, am a single mom so that makes me extra excited that I found your blog. I am a newly single mom so I don’t have many real-life single mom friends so I’m always on the lookout for those who blog!

    Thanks again for a great post about a great woman!


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