So What Does A Single Mom Do…

when she’s childless for 3 whole days?
Well… if you think its exciting and non stop party party party, don’t read any further, I’d hate to disappoint you.
On Friday night, I worked latish ‘coz I was in no hurry to get home to Damien. Then I watched the Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 DVDs my sister loaned me, at 11:15pm I watched Purple Rain, and then I watched some more Grey’s and went to bed. I so get why people love Grey’s as much as they do- my sister C even has the series theme song as her ring tone and she named her cockatoo after Izzie! And isn’t Dr Alex Karev just a total dish! Everyone goes on about McDreamy– who is gorgeous make no mistake- but Alex… yum! Seeing Purple Rain again after so many years was fun, it really is very mediocre in terms of acting performances- but it was so cool to see Prince on stage and singing some songs I haven’t heard in aaaaages… and he has a new album out that sounds great!
Then on Saturday I slept latish, but I had some housework and dishes to do (so superstar-ish) and I was online for a bit, and then at round lunch time I headed for my friends place- Damien’s weekend parents. Anelle had a birthday yesterday so we were organising music on her i-Tunes for next weekend’s party- which promises to be fun-tastic! It’s a costume party, and I’m going as a drag queen! Whilst at their place, another friend of hers arrived who has two boys under 10, one diagnosed with ADHD and one with ADD and we chatted a lot all afternoon about the diagnosis and treatment and the different ideas people have about the disorder and so on! She went home feeling a lot better (her words) and is keen on a support group too. I was at Anelle’s pretty much all night then went straight to bed when I got home. Saturday was also Grampa Scratchy’s one year adoptaversary! How time flies… my furry masters definitely fight less- but they still dislike each other and the old man still doesn’t come out of the bedroom at all.
On Sunday, I slept till 4… that’s 4pm in case you’re wondering. No really! I woke up and fed the cats and tidied litter boxes and ate some supper, I went online for a bit, and I was in bed again by 10:30pm!
Today- Monday- is Heritage Day in South Africa, so it’s a holiday. Damien’s on holiday (spring break) and I have a three day weekend. I did not sleep late this morning, I was up and about by 8am and doing dishes and laundry. Housework is about all I have planned for today. Its quite strange but I have so enjoyed not talking and not having the TV on…
I don’t miss my darling Damien yet- I do miss talking to him everyday, and I have to resist the temptation to phone him because I know that’ll embarrass him, but he’ll be home later today so I’m sure I can hold out! Teehee…
So what’d you all do this weekend?

12 thoughts on “So What Does A Single Mom Do…

  1. faerie: i don’t mind that damien’s almost grown… i do miss the little dude crawling into my bed in the winter and sharing my couch when he still fitted on one cushion though…

  2. hmm I am one of the only people in america that does not watch greys

    and I may be the only mother in the world that doesnt mind that her children are almost grown! (cuz im damn tired of parenting)

  3. gin: aw isn’t george a doll!

    writeprocrastinator: i didn’t! shockingly… i’m not into sunshine and outdoors and heat, very un-south african me!

  4. Grey’s is a bit addicting isn’t it! I I caught most of the 1st season on TV than had to rent the 2nd to figure out what in the heck was going on! It’s just not something you want to piece meal if you miss consecutive weeks of! I HEART O’Malley and I love his new Mrs. as well!
    Congrats on your “down” time, so to speak.

  5. e.c.: mwaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… i should be so lucky as to have a tomato to throw! my cupboards are bare and i can’t wait for payday… i’ll pop round tonight!

  6. Hey Angel – you’ve been tagged! [Pat deftly dodges the rotten tomato Angel throws her way!]

  7. terri: hey stranger- you have been quiet- glad you had a nice weekend!

    liz: i waited many years to be able to sleep late… and even now with damien being 16, i can’t leave him to his own devices ‘coz he’s an adhder!

    paul: hey- a new visitor!!! welcome!!! thanx for the compliment- i work very hard NOT to be a helicopter mom…

    david: a backhoe sounds like a blast- i had a hyster forklift license for a while at my previous job… that was a conversation starter!

    camikaos: pure bliss i tell you!

  8. i learned, or tried to learn how to operate a backhoe ( I lack nintendo skills, it seems)
    on Sunday, church, read the paper, lay on the couch and listen to the 20 year old tell me how my life could be better ( for him )

  9. I was recently heard a report on NPR the other day on how parents in the baby boomer generation and younger seem more likely than their parent’s generation to be overly involved to the point of making breaks with their children for various reasons – start of school, summer camp, freshman year at college etc – more difficult.

    I saw some of this first hand as an elementary school counselor for 23 years. Usually, not always, the preschoolers and first graders with the most separation anxiety had parents who’d follow them all the way to the classroom, take an extra long time saying goodbye etc.

    So congratulations on your self dicipline!

  10. That sounds like a lovely weekend! I only had 10 childless hours but I went and saw a movie (Eastern Promises — AMAZING and HIGHLY recommended) and then did a little grocery shopping. Oh — and I bought fabric to start making Halloween costumes.

    Sleeping until 4 sounds so wonderful…I look forward to the day when I don’t have to wake up with them every single morning.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend.
    And I SO agree about Alex in Grey’s Anatomy – YUMMY!!!
    Hubby and I went to visit my sis-in-law in Cork this weekend, thanks for asking 🙂

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