Which One…?

I’m having a hard time deciding on a new avatar… help me choose one?
And no prizes… but just out of curiosity- does anyone know which one I’ve been using…?

15 thoughts on “Which One…?

  1. Three is nice and I always recognize seven every time you come over, because it reminds me of a tattoo.

  2. allbunnies: you aren’t making this easy for me, i hoped there’d be a clear “leader” by now… and i’m impressed- you all seem to know which one i’ve been using!

  3. You’ve been using #7, and I think I like #4 for your new one – kinda looks like a protective momma dragon, ready to fight for her youngin’, which is definitely you!

  4. louisa: heh heh… i also like the one with the dragon! i numbered them- you can click to enlarge…

    dawn: i didn’t know you like seahorses!

  5. I like the little green one with the red feet and yellow & red wings. I think it looks like a little sea horse – and they are my best. Love ya, xoxoxo

  6. I like the blue/green one or the one with the reddish backround…
    perhaps you could number them?

    LOL….I feel like saying “I like the one with the dragon!”


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