Meet Priscilla…

well, that was what I called myself as the movie I was allocated was “Priscilla Queen of the Desert“.
Did I not look totally fabulous bunnies!?! My makeup took me an hour, but it was so worth it- a few people didn’t even recognise me- and da Bruvva took some foties for me…

the makeup

and the outfit…
Bunnies- I got to bed at about 4h30 this morning- I could hear birds singing!!! I cannot remember when last I partied that late… I spent the night though, rather than drive home even though I really didn’t drink much at all, I had four beers and just one shooter- some horrible red cinnamon shite that tasted like fireballs… I partied the night away and flirted outrageously with a gorgeously tasty and very young dish dressed as Jack Sparrow, but I was a good girl and didn’t do anything I would regret…

9 thoughts on “Meet Priscilla…

  1. peong: i woulda loved a pair of gliuttery pink stilettoes period dude!

    spear: aaaaag dankie hartlief! my vere was ‘n present… en een van 5 wat ek besit hoor! aai en ek is so lief vir moffies!
    mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa, brilliant comment spear!

  2. Daahhling, jy lyk te pragtag! Jy moet TOG vi my sê waaa het jy daai vere boa gekry!!! Dis gorgeous. Jy is enige Pretoria moffie se wet dream. You know that is a compliment. For those who does not understand Gobbledegook, Angel will know I could not have put it better in English.

  3. mel: T O T A L L Y !!!!!

    jenty: thank you, it took me almost an hour!!!

    louisa: wow indeed… i think i may do that more often! mwaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa

    jin: wasn’t i just!!?!

    katy katy katy: i had such a blast its not funny!

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