Ritalin Still Rocks

So, have you recovered after my last pro medication post…? I know it was a long one- and bravo to anyone who made it all the way through it! So- onwards and upwards, eh!?
Let’s start today’s lesson with a question, why don’t we.
Why do ADHDer parents* NOT talk about the fact that their child is medicated for AD/HD?
Well, for one thing, public perception is that mentioning your child has AD/HD entitles everyone and their dog (as I mentioned last time) to tell you how you should be treating it and how your child just needs discipline and how your child sounds like every other teenager/ six year old/ ten year old. You can imagine that these people have a field day with me when they learn I’m a single mother to boot; ‘coz then I’m just drugging my son because I can’t cope, don’t you know. And then a lot of them give me the “…when I was his age…” speech too. And you can finish that sentence any way you like, I’ve heard every possible version there is!
Lemme get back on track before this turns into a rant.
I think it’s like with any illness. We don’t really talk about them at all. We’d rather not let anyone else in on the fact that our kidlets are not completely perfect. Illness or a disorder of any kind is not something that gets mentioned in casual conversation, and even when they are spoken about, AD/HD is often “hushed up” for fear of attaching a stigma or a detrimental label to the kids.
If the problem is a visible one- a physical disability of some kind- you get quizzed by perfect strangers as if they have the right to ask you personal questions! It’s quite incredible- and I’ve seen it with my nephew N and his short arms. It’s also a bit like being pregnant where everyone seems to think they may touch your baby-bump and ask you questions like “are you going to breastfeed?” and “when are you due?” And if you’re pushing a pram, it naturally means anyone and everyone may look into the pram and anyone and everyone may touch your baby!
Go on- tell me I’m wrong!
So lemme see if I can explain ADHDer parents thinking like this: “Damien’s doing okay now he’s on meds, so why tell anyone he has a problem!?
Does that make sense? The problem is that as a result of thinking like this, the good results of AD/HD meds are kept quiet, and all anyone ever hears about is the stuff you read in the YOU Magazine! I repeat: bad news sells.
So, what’s my strategy… first- find a doctor you like and trust and one who can make a difference for all of you. Second- find a support group of some kind, whether it’s virtual or real people doesn’t matter, find someone to talk to who knows you’re not exaggerating what you’re going through. Third- research, research and more research… read everything you can get your hands on! Fourth- talk to your family, friends and the school. Helping an ADHDer through life and through school especially is a team effort and hiding the diagnosis and treatment from everyone makes the child feel even more like an outcast than he already does.
I’ll talk about my experience with the diagnosis process next… brace yourself!

*I include myself here of course…

So What Does A Single Mom Do…

when she’s childless for 3 whole days?
Well… if you think its exciting and non stop party party party, don’t read any further, I’d hate to disappoint you.
On Friday night, I worked latish ‘coz I was in no hurry to get home to Damien. Then I watched the Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 DVDs my sister loaned me, at 11:15pm I watched Purple Rain, and then I watched some more Grey’s and went to bed. I so get why people love Grey’s as much as they do- my sister C even has the series theme song as her ring tone and she named her cockatoo after Izzie! And isn’t Dr Alex Karev just a total dish! Everyone goes on about McDreamy– who is gorgeous make no mistake- but Alex… yum! Seeing Purple Rain again after so many years was fun, it really is very mediocre in terms of acting performances- but it was so cool to see Prince on stage and singing some songs I haven’t heard in aaaaages… and he has a new album out that sounds great!
Then on Saturday I slept latish, but I had some housework and dishes to do (so superstar-ish) and I was online for a bit, and then at round lunch time I headed for my friends place- Damien’s weekend parents. Anelle had a birthday yesterday so we were organising music on her i-Tunes for next weekend’s party- which promises to be fun-tastic! It’s a costume party, and I’m going as a drag queen! Whilst at their place, another friend of hers arrived who has two boys under 10, one diagnosed with ADHD and one with ADD and we chatted a lot all afternoon about the diagnosis and treatment and the different ideas people have about the disorder and so on! She went home feeling a lot better (her words) and is keen on a support group too. I was at Anelle’s pretty much all night then went straight to bed when I got home. Saturday was also Grampa Scratchy’s one year adoptaversary! How time flies… my furry masters definitely fight less- but they still dislike each other and the old man still doesn’t come out of the bedroom at all.
On Sunday, I slept till 4… that’s 4pm in case you’re wondering. No really! I woke up and fed the cats and tidied litter boxes and ate some supper, I went online for a bit, and I was in bed again by 10:30pm!
Today- Monday- is Heritage Day in South Africa, so it’s a holiday. Damien’s on holiday (spring break) and I have a three day weekend. I did not sleep late this morning, I was up and about by 8am and doing dishes and laundry. Housework is about all I have planned for today. Its quite strange but I have so enjoyed not talking and not having the TV on…
I don’t miss my darling Damien yet- I do miss talking to him everyday, and I have to resist the temptation to phone him because I know that’ll embarrass him, but he’ll be home later today so I’m sure I can hold out! Teehee…
So what’d you all do this weekend?

33 Pounds!!!

Thassaright bunnies!!!
Thats all three of my furbabies together!
Its almost a year since my hernia operation and I have reached my target weight loss- 15 kilograms!!!
I’m very pleased with myself, and I still have some ways to go till I’m happy with my weight- but I’ve made more progress in the last year than I did in the twelve years preceding it!!!