I Got An Award From Lee!!!

Lee is the boss over at Vicinity of Obscenity and she’s gawjiss, funny, insightful and she likes cars and good music, like me (the cars and the good music I mean, LOL)!!! And she thinks I’m cool, and I so love to have my ego stroked a little… yes I know, my shrink does it all the time and I know he’s sincere- but I have to pay him for it! And an added bonus- she’s a South African too! Is this not the coolest! I am so flattered, Lee- thank you! And I’m in good company- you should check out the other bloggers she gave this award to! If you have not yet visited her- you dunno what you’re missing bunnies!

And according to the rules, I get to nominate five bloggers who I think deserve the award too… so after much deliberation and in depth analysis and late night reading and trying hard not to be distracted by new sites and new blogs and beautiful blogger people (and since Lee already gave the award to Fish and Rabbit, two of my favourite daily reads) and much furious debating with myself over wanting to award it to more than five bloggers (with Damien asking from the bedroom whom I’m talking to)… I have decided to designate the following bloggers as people whose blogging hits MY spot especially!

Sweetass who is right here in South Africa… and to use her own words- she’s divorced with a sweet ass! She is a fairly new blogger- to me and to blogland- but she’s one of the bloggers I just “clicked” with and she’s sincere and oh so funny!

Blue Momma in Alabama, another one to add to her growing list of awards… her haikus on Friday’s ALWAYS feature poop and she calls her son “Punkin”… I schmaark this chick laaaank (South Africanism for “I dig her lots”)!

Darla in the U S of A… she’s funny, a great photographer, and a military wife who’s just started with her hubby on a journey towards becoming a family unit with little Darla feet pitter pattering around!

Simply Curious Girl in San Francisco… another new blogger- to me and to blogland- and a fellow tattoo addict who actually beat me to it just recently. She’s clever and funny too!

Phats in Indiana… a sports mad blogger with a fantastic sense of humour! And don’t panic if you hear a band- it’s on his blog… not in your head- what you may hear is his beloved Boiler’s fight song and my Damien just loves it!
Right. Now you can click on the award picture to claim it and add it to your page, then pass on the blog love if you’re nominated and feel so inclined…

The Answers To “Blog My Blog”

Yessss!!! More! More! More! More attention for me bunnies, you know I love it!!!

First to step up was Sometimes Saintly Nick, and he asked…
May I presume that the “Damien’s Weekend Pictures” post on your Angel’s Photos blog were taken by Damien? Indeed he did take those Nick!! I passed on your comment to him, he said (and I quote) “cool” which in Damien-speak translates to “WOOHOOO, thanx dude!!!”
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Sweetass RSA asked me a few questions (‘coz she knows I love the attention and you can email me some more if you’d like)…
question 1: is angel your real name? yes…
question 2: if you were in the position to, would you have more kids? Nope, I am finito! There were one or two moments of insanity when I considered it- but they were thankfully brief, few and faaar between.
question 3: if money was not a problem, how many tattoo’s would you get? and where? Sheesh… if ONLY! I’d have a half sleeve on each arm consisting of an extension of the designs already there; and my whole back would be covered from my strawberry upwards with a tribal design of some kind; the dragon on my thigh (that’s next year); Damien’s name on my one lower inner arm; filigree designs on the top of each foot; Damien’s birth date on the inside of my other arm; a small dragon on the back of my neck… I could go on and on…
question 4: if you could jump on an aeroplane right now, where would you go? and why? Wow… tough one… there are so many places I wanna see and bloggers I wanna meet… in South Africa and overseas! I wanna see the art works in Florence, I wanna see Machu Picchu, but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start!
question 5: if you had one wish, what would it be? Ooh, another hard one… for Damien’s ADHD to go away…? To be completely debt free?
And as for going on and on- feel free to email me girl!!!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Glugster asked me…
What was your life like before blogging? What impact did blogging have on your life? Blogging has expanded my horizons in SOOO many ways! I started practicing my fiction writing again- for the first time since high school- and I have met people I never imagined existed! And they’re all so different- I don’t think I would never have had the opportunity to meet them in real life and I love the privilege of being able to see into people’s lives and have them comment on the things I have to say!
I ignored his jibe about Sweetass’ questions- they can fight it out in the comments section if they want. And yes Glugster- Google does suck for blocking my friend Kate’s access to her blog!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Lordwiggly asked…
Why do people keep asking the stupid question “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” It is clearly the egg. Have these people not heard of dinosaurs? Contrary to popular belief dude, there’s very little known about dinosaurs… they were actually a well kept top secret conspiracy operation managed by a now defunct queen of Canada and her cadre of mercenaries trained in the secret art of anime!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Blue Momma asked the following…
Have you always lived in South Africa? I’ve never been to SA. Tell me the reasons I should visit, other than to see one of my favorite bloggers and her new tattoo. I’m a born and bred South African! I’ve never been out of my country, and I still have so much to see here! Apart from a fantastic climate (and I’m not mad about the heat) it’s a truly beautiful place. You can literally drive for hours and not see a house! The roads are really well maintained and there are lots and lots of things to see, and the roads are well marked too- you can go just about anywhere and just follow the road signs! And the people are really cool for the most part! I might do a whole ‘nother post on this…
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Meherenow (the queen of patience) asked…
where’s the pictures of the new tattoo??? Its Tuesday already!! I’m not known for my patience as you might have guessed!! Teehee… I’m only going on Friday! I was away last weekend, and I had to cancel going today because I’m still collecting the money! Some absolutely divine friends have given me a very early birthday present to contribute to the cost of my ink!!!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Cheryl Wray asked me a few questions too…
Favorite music right now currently, I’m definitely enjoying the heavier rock and roll and metal in my collection…
Favorite place you’ve ever traveled ooh… tough choice, Damien and I love to travel- and we try and go somewhere different at every opportunity! I can’t pick an all time favourite right now… although mine and Damien’s first holiday to Durban when he was about four years old ranks very highly.
Favorite dessert I have a terrible sweet tooth- I love tarts and a nice lemony lemon meringue is my favourite favourite! Ooh and sorbet- litchi, lemon, kiwi, melon… love sorbet!
And also… How did you pick out Damien’s name (you’ve probably covered that before, but I probably missed it) I love baby names and “cool” names especially, so I’m just curious! Damien was just always a name I loved, for as long as I could remember I wanted my son to be Damien- I was just lucky I didn’t have a husband or a baby daddy to argue with over my choice, heh heh!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Preposterous Ponderings asked me a few questions as well, LOVE IT!
1. What’s your favorite color? I wear lots of purple and black
2. What’s your favorite holiday? I’m a complete sucker for Christmas! The occasion, the food, the family, the decorations, the gifts…
3. If you had only 1 wish what would it be? LOL, Sweetass beat you to this one!
4. Why did you start blogging? I always wanted my own web space where I could talk about me and what makes me tick and about Damien- and when I discovered blogging and what it could offer me (in 2005) I was ecstatic! I’ve been hooked ever since!
5. What is your favorite place to shop? I’ll shop anywhere! Even grocery shopping is fun for me- I do love accessories and books and décor though- so I’d have to say Mr Price Home, Exclusive Books, and a chain of shops called EQ with fantastic accessories and sunglasses.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

I loved this- thank you all for asking me questions, and feel free to ask some more- I’ll definitely be doing it again sometime!!!

STOKED (part 2)

Hey allbunnies!
I’ve had to postpone my tattoo adventure from tonight (Tuesday) to this Friday- which was when I was originally going to go to Tattoo Styles, and Faith- you’re an absolute peach for putting up with my phone calls and emails and being prepared to make a deal with me for my new ink!
So, I’m still getting the money together for the ink- and a few darling friends have made donations (an advance birthday present on my one friend’s part) and I’ve organised with da Bruvva (who is also fixing up my design digitally for me) to come along and photograph the exercise from beginning to end so you can all see what happened. Damien is going to be away for the weekend again, so Friday night will be spent at Tattoo Styles and Saturday morning I’ll be doing housework and very likely gallivanting in the evening with Sweetass! How cool is that! New ink and meeting a blogger all in one weekend!!!
Bunnies, I am going to be in pain, and it’s going to itch like crazy for days- but I am so excited for Friday- I can hardly contain myself!!!

Our Weekend In Newcastle

On Friday afternoon I fetched Damien from school at noon and we set out for Newcastle. What should have been a four hour 335km road trip turned into 500km and six hours thanks to the rain and a cyanide spill on the highway!!!
I do so love driving, and my car goes like a rocket on a good long trip. And when Damien and I go on holiday our trip is part of it. There’s no rush and we stop often if we see something that looks interesting or worth photographing.
And Damien is the PERFECT co-pilot. He is fabulous conversation, handles the music, passes on the nibbly things and lights my cigarettes for me (yes, on a long car trip I like to smoke).
We got to Newcastle at 6pm Friday, and spent the evening unwinding with the friends we were visiting.
The next day we drove to the Talana Museum and spent the whole day there! The museum is huge and consists of a traditional walk through set of exhibits encompassing the Battle of Talana, a glass hall, a bead hall, and a coal mining exhibit. Then there’s a train and a rebuilt train station, a restaurant and pub where the stools are made of mining shovels and there are mining machines on display everywhere. Then there are refurbished houses and barns and workshops on the property that you can walk through and look at. Damien and T-bone could walk around as they pleased while Lulu and I took our time and ogled everything. The museum is well worth a visit, bunnies! We had a divine lunch in the miners rest and then drove back to Lulu’s for hotdogs and a movie with ice cream and Oreos for dessert. The boys were bushed as were we so we weren’t awake very long…
Then this morning we went and did a quick bit of shopping whilst the boys stayed home to draw and at noon Damien and I set off for home.
We made excellent time, getting home at 4:30pm after stopping a couple of times for the loo and to stretch our legs.
There are photos on my photo blog that I took and that Damien took! They’re not in any kind of order, although Damien’s pictures are all from the trip home.