16 thoughts on “Dueling Cleavages…

  1. R16 000 and 2 bags of silicone and my boobies don’t look like your fab cleavage. Jealous!
    Fake booby Mel

  2. i would participate if i could figure out what to do!!…i don’t have time to figure out the linking thing…so tell me! i’ve already taken the pic…shocking…

  3. jewels & eternally curious: why thank you!!!

    fish: dude… your six pack is weapon enough!

    jin: competition maybe- but i love that pink bra!

    a army of (cl)one: oh that’s so funny- in high school they were in deed referred to as the rockies!

    writeprocrastinator: flattery will get you everywhere…

    sweetass: why thank you… and where are yours??!?

    spear: and how i’d love loaves like that!

    meherenow: aahhh… i love you!

    richee: naughty naughty, very naughty…


    I even managed to work out to link so consider yourself linked fair maiden!!

  5. My grandmother used to call a cleavage like the top one “two well risen loaves in one pan”

  6. Yeah Army – and to boot – the Rockies are winning thus far (baseball team, that is – of course!!) So us ladies and the Rockies (mountains – of course!!) have a lot in common!! (^_~)

  7. This weeks blog funk is blown away by a trip the the rockies. or at least what looks like the Rockies from this distance 🙂

  8. Woo-Hoo!!!!
    I’ve got some serious friggin competition now!
    I have linked to your fabulous cleavage shot!
    You GO girl!!!

  9. Yay! I just knew you’d want to join in and kick Blog-funk’s ass too, Angel! And what a nice weapon (er – set of weapons!) you have there! (^_~)

  10. Well well well, another hot chick joins the madness! 😉
    *Whistles* Thems look yummy! :p

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