Recent Searches That Led To My Blog…

I just love seeing how people found my blog!

Some of the searches make sense… but some of them really make me wonder… I mean, “tattoos+on+the+ear”?!? I’m really glad I’m being found when people Google Ritalin or ADHD, and even single parenting… it kinda makes me feel like I’ve achieved something, KWIM?


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F      adhd poems

F      flickr angels blog

F      matt mchoney and brad pitt

F      what’s has damian not done

F      lots of love

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F      have a crush on a married man

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F      blogs for moms south africa

F      you’ve seen me before adhd

F      when do we celebrate angel’s day?

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F      a really sweet poem telling a girl you have a crush on her and that she is gorgeous

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F      tattoos on the ear

F      matthew mchoney

F      poems about adhd

F      who gives a shit about voting

F      farouk balsara

F      mommy cam

F      tomboy – origin

F      do models take anti depressants?

F      angel

8 thoughts on “Recent Searches That Led To My Blog…

  1. with my unsavory vocabulary and the name yellowdoggranny…I get every pervert from every country looking for kinky sex with grannies…also get alot of people looking for women who behave don’t make history and song titles…almost balances out..

  2. glugster: and i do too- so they came to the right place!!!

    s.s.n.: hhmmm… my furry masters were trying to tell me that, but i said they must be imagining things!

    fish: aaawww, you’re so sweet… ooh ooh wait- are you being sarcastic- with you anything is possible!!

    sweetass: 0;-P

  3. My favourite. “who gives a shit about voting”

    Now why would anybody search for that, unless they were really looking to find somebody who gives a shit.

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