I Found Number Five

This will be my fifth tattoo- without the blue swirly background- its going to cost me, so it’ll be a while yet…

I’m going to put it on my thigh- between my groin and my knee! Oh I can’t wait!!!
As for #4… I’m working on the design and its almost finished- it’ll go between my shoulder blades and I’ll be sure to get pictures while they’re busy inking me and afterwards!
I’m so excited!!!

13 thoughts on “I Found Number Five

  1. faerie: it will indeed be… i reckon 4 to 5 hours

    s.s.n.: i love them too- my home is full of them!

    wenchy: oh i know the feeling… and this one’s going to cost me!

    blue momma: mwaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa! i love that!

    darla: aren’t they just…

    peong: thanx… i’m figuring how to afford it, not simplify…

    mel: mwaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa… i’m all for collecting money for a good cause- but initials on my butt!?! nuh uh…

    fish: now that’s an outlook i like!

    mr r rabbit why thank you

    phats: damien and i have an agreement- since i already have several i cannot tell he may no, but he has to be over 18, he has to pay for them himself and he may not touch his face with ink in any way…

    katy katy katy: it will hurt- but they hurt everywhere! and its not my inner thigh… which would be waaaaaay too sore!

    sweetass: if you click on the little label under this post that says “tattoos”, you’ll see my others…

  2. oh no, ya’ll are mad…nuts… good for you though…i would never have the courage…the pain must be something else! so tell me where’s the first few tats and what are they??

  3. nice design the location however worries me – that’s painful right there. I am still debating on my next one Grumpy wants us to get one together so we’ll see

  4. Hey, have good plan. Why don’t you set up a little paypal thingy and we can all donate money to pay for your tats. You can have a competition kind of thing where you promise to put the winner’s initials on your butt or something.

  5. I dig it!

    I’m looking at #3. but the estimate I got was 4 to 6 sittings for a half sleeve and partial chest, which runs close to $2000, so i think i’m waiting, or at least figuring out how to simplify.

  6. Ooooh. I have none and I’m cringing at the thought of the needles and they won’t even be sticking me!

    The dragon is cool though. I’d probably have to be pretty sloshed to get a tattoo and since I don’t drink much anymore it will probably never happen.

    Unless I win the lottery. Those numbers? Tattooed right across my ass!!!!

  7. I have this real attraction to dragons. Could I have been one in a previous life?

    Since I just found you and your blog, this is my introduction to your tattoos. Marvelous. I shall return to search for earlier references.

    Have a great day, Angel.

  8. OMGoodness. When you sit for that one I would suspect it will be long and painful. Lotta black ink there!

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