What A Friggin Day!!!

Sheesh bunnies- I’m practically worn out!!!
This morning, I was at work early- straight after I dropped Damien off for his lift to school.
See, I was taking my granny darling to the hospital for an appointment, and I wanted to get a couple of hours of work in before I left to fetch her. I picked her up, right on time (I’m ALWAYS on time or a little early) and then we trekked through to the hospital. Granny’s appointment was at 9h45, so I was anticipating being back at work around 11h00.
They eventually called Granny Darling in at 12h30 and we left the hospital at 13h20!!! By the time I got back to work it was nearly 2pm, and I just knew I was going to get sweet fork all done!!!
Thankfully I have a fantastic boss, and I told him I’d put in for a half day’s leave to make up for the hours I lost.
Then at about 15h20, I get a call from a near hysterical Damien- Greebo had gone missing and he couldn’t find him anywhere!
Any of my long term readers may remember that my three furry masters (Greebo, Taxi and Grampa Scratchy) are purely indoor cats, sometimes called window-watchers. They do not go outside at all, except on a halter and leash, and the old man doesn’t even come out of my bedroom! And I’m in an apartment on the second floor, so any exit will be a risky one. You can imagine then that one of them going missing is a BIG problem… and Damien and Greebo are big buddies so Damien was very upset!
I promised him I’d be home shortly and I’d help him look.
I got home and changed out of my work clothes in case we ended up doing lots of walking, and we set off downstairs… calling softly and searching every nook and cranny. Damien found him after about 15 minutes, hiding under some shrubs in a flowerbed of the complex garden. He was very distraught- and anyone who has found a lost cat will know how they have a wide-eyed “where the fuck have you been do you know what I’ve been through” look on their faces, and they claw the crap out of whoever picks them up!!! He was not at all a happy kitty, and Damien bravely tucked him under his T-shirt.
I think he’s limping, and I have no idea how long he was outside, he didn’t moan when I gave him a once over though, so here’s hoping he’s okay…

*miss you Vangiepants, oh goddess of coping skills…

16 thoughts on “What A Friggin Day!!!

  1. simply curious: heh heh… my boys love to sit at the front door and watch the passage outside- but if someone appears in the passage they run like hell!

    katy katy katy: not sure- we think he fell out of damien’s window whilst birdwatching…

    louisa: i was immensely relieved myself!

    sometimes saintly nick: hell i hope so!

    mr r rabbit i definitely agree with you there!

    allan: still limping… but eating and drinking as normal… i’m watching him

    darla: oh how ridiculously attached we get to our furry masters…

    homo escapeons: anyone who is owned by a cat will know the looks they can give! you reckon something nice is coming for me eh?

    dawn: granny’s fine budvolina, thank you, it was just a check up… just annoyingly loooooong!

    s e e quine: haha, “thank grapes”!! cool- i’ll be right over!

    shebee: me too, thanx!

    sweetass: aw that’s so cute!

    wenchy: me too wenchy, me too!

  2. i have a wild cat…billy the cat…after billy the kid…he only comes home when he wants some loooove and some food of course…your kitties sound adorable!

  3. ` THANK GRAPES you found that cat!! I would explode if my cats ever went outside!!
    ` Or you know, climbed on the roof. Bad Vada!

    ` BTW, I’m back in the blogging world sorta, and if you loved my drawrings, the accompanying photos are up, if you haven’t already just discovered them…..

  4. As much as I hope the fur child is doing well, so do I hope all is ok with Grandma! Don’t you wish we could charge doctor’s for our time that they waste and the inconveniences they cause us? xx

  5. HAHAHA Do you know what I’ve been through! Sorry but I laughed out loud because I have a picture of a cat with that look.

    I am so happy that you found him..maybe Greebo has been secretly building a transporter in the attic?

    Anyway you have a whack of good karma headed your way so start thinking about how you can squander it!

  6. I feel for you! Our Sue escaped her yard one day, little vixen and I had a near heart attack. We’ve never let her wander free on base and huge death images were flashing in my head. She was a few doors down around the corner confused because I wasn’t home and letting her in. The neighbor hood really is a grid of identical homes and yard. Poor kitty! Poor puppy!

  7. Our neighbours had a rag doll cat, who they let wander in and out of the house. I never understood how they could stand it. Rag dolls are not outdoors cats.

  8. Yep! That was one hell of a friggin’ day! I have this optimistic belief that days like that are offset by better days so it all balances out in the end. Therefore, you are due for a very, very good day—very soon!

  9. Oh shame – well I am really glad you found him so quickly. Can’t imagine what I’d do if Tigger went missing…she’s my shadow!

  10. Oh nooooo what a day – poor kitty OMG I go bananas when I can’t find mine they do not go outside but they love to hide from me when they are in a bad mood. Hope the kitty is okay how did he get out??

  11. I don’t have cats, but the one I did have was a total, asshole. He was a house cat, but ran out the door and jumped out the window every opportunity he had, so that he could go harass the other cats in the neighborhood. When he finally did come back, he would be covered in those little sticker things that would be on bushes, and they took me forever to get off of him. I have to wonder how many children that cat has, wandering around.

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