Hoo Boy

I am fast losing the fucking plot here bunnies… I think some of you can start worrying, yes I’ve felt like this before, but it usually doesn’t last this long!

I’m drinking way too much coffee- and I’m talking filter coffee straight out of the pot with no milk or sugar…

I’m not eating properly… not that I ever did- but now it’s worse…

I’m practically smoking again…

I’m not sleeping very well, at least not the last couple of nights… yes, I sleep, but I wake up frequently… and not for nightmares… I’m restless!

And I can think of little but sex and or getting my new tattoo… its bloody ridiculous!!!

And with no fuck-buddy or even a single “friend” I can call over to my place or go and visit I’m pretty much screwed… how’s that for irony!?!

And fantasies can only take one so far, you know? And all the fantasies and stories do is increase my longing!

16 thoughts on “Hoo Boy

  1. Eternally Curious: I don’t want them gone…

    Sometimes Saintly Nick: aaaaaaalrighty then!

    Dino aka Katy: oh if only that were enough!

    Mr R Rabbit: heh heh

    Glugster: teehee, I think the “and” was accidental- tattoos cost way too much money to risk botching one!

    Gnat of Glass: indeed!

    Fish: tell me about it!!!

    Simply Curious: aw aren’t you sweet!

    Writeprocrastinator: heh heh, caffeine relaxes me dude, and the smokes are just an old habit… I do try hard not to swear- but sometimes it feels “right”…

    Gremlin: yay- a newbie- welcome! dude, then I really don’t get why I’m battling!

    mel: I’ll take it under advisement… thanx

    Mr R Rabbit: I’m not even going to go there now!

    Fish: heh heh… you make me giggle dude!

  2. Liberal has nothing to do with it. I dont need to be liberal, to enjoy my own body, and dream whatever I like.
    I cant even imagine how God fits in here. Unless I say “God, this was a great fu..”, right after I explode.

  3. Mmmh, not quite as liberal as the other dudes here. Would love to pretend to be cool and join in but you know that I can’t do that being a clappy and all.
    You need 2 things….
    A good vibrator
    Time alone with God in prayer reading His word and trusting Him. I think you should fast for a day or however long and ask for His peace, love, self-control, joy and all those gifts of the spirit the devil is trying to steal from you.
    I feel for you, it sucks!
    Lordy Mel

  4. “I am fast losing the fucking plot here bunnies”

    When you cuss, I get worried…real worried.

    Eat better, cut down on the coffee and forget the cigarettes. You’ll sleep better and certainly attract more fuck buddies than you’ll know what to do with. Because no one wants a cranky, snarling over-caffeinated woman with dark circles under her eyes.

  5. Aw. I’m sorry…I can relate. I think we all can. Smile…it gets better, I promise. If I was closer, I’d take care of you. 😛

  6. Interesting, isnt it. The more you think about the flesh, the more it seems like you can feel it touching.

  7. “sex and or getting my new tattoo”

    It’s the “and” that bother’s me. Are u thinking of having sex while getting your tattoo?

    Just asking.

  8. I can probably find a few who’d be willing. I know a couple of South African Ex-Pats who might not mind a visit back home, and I could live with a free holiday.

    You’ll find a fuck-buddy soon, don’t worry.

  9. Sooooooo, Angel, you feel the need to get laid? A basic biological urge, seldom fulfilled for an old dude like me. [:-(

    But you are young. Go forth and screw! [:-)

  10. I remember those times. I’m glad they’re gone for me. Wishing peace for you my friend!

  11. angel! you horny child… phew… i think we should advertise for a fuck-buddy and see what we get… we can share him… nahhhh… that’s just creepy…

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