My Weekend Roundup!!!

Okay bunnies… panic over I think… I’m ALMOST back to normal… teehee! And no- as tempting as it may be- I didn’t do anything I may regret!
Make no mistake, I’m not completely “sane” just yet, but I think I’m making progress…
On Friday night Damien was at the school for a LAN and Warhammer night, we were having a luvverly thunder storm, and when I got home from work- our electricity died! I sat in the dark playing Tetris on my cell phone for over an hour before calling some friends and after we giggled and chatted on the phone, I went over there. Then we had a divine braai, I drank lots of beer, a liqueur and a dirty coffee (coffee and Black Jack) and at 3am my friends suggested I sleep over as it was still raining and I was very sleepy and a little drunk! Then at 6am, the twins woke us up- loudly- and I made us some coffee and ducked to fetch Damien at about 8am. Then I took Damien home, had a bath and washed my hair, then got dressed….
Brace yourself bunnies- I wore a denim miniskirt, long socks, boots and a t-shirt!
A miniskirt!!!
In public!!!
I bought this particular skirt a loooooong time ago- and when I showed it to sister C and told her I’d be able to wear it “one day” she nearly collapsed laughing! I put it away and tried not to think about it again… teehee! Now I’ve lost 17 kilograms (37.5 pounds) and I can dress a little differently and I’m loving it!
Then at 9am I fetched Ydnic and we went to an “ADHD and Music” talk. It was interesting, and I’ll put up some notes on the talk later for those who would like to read them, but I don’t think I learned anything I can still use with Damien. And as with the conferences I attended there were more teachers and professionals at the talk than parents. Then when they started discussing meds and who is SUPPOSED to diagnose it- it started getting a little heated and Ydnic and I kept each other entertained rather than take part- I tend to get a little sensitive over treatment and such!
After the talk, I phoned sister C to tell her I was wearing my skirt- in public- and she said I must wear it that night when we went to her place to watch the Rugby World Cup Final between South Africa and England. So I got home, Damien had had a snooze- ‘coz you know a LAN party means no sleep- and I did a load of laundry and some dishes before collecting sister B’s two older boys and driving behind my daddy darling to sister C’s place. When we got there a lot of the people were already there, the sheep was already cooking, and I opened my pinotage within 10 minutes of arriving! The game was due to start at 9pm and we were there by 4pm already- so I knew early on this was going to be a looooong night, on top of having had only three hours sleep the night before…!!!
I had a few cigarettes through the night, but not as much as I could have, and I didn’t buy my own otherwise I woulda smoked a lot more! I flirted outrageously all night, I alternated my red wine with a few beers and water, and by half time I was very mellow indeed… then I was pretty much done with drinking. I had one apple sours- a green one to fit the evening’s colour scheme- and I kinda watched the game (there was way too much kicking and we won on penalties, which is disappointing) but the company was fantastic and I danced half the night away on the back of my sister C’s boyfriend’s work truck!
And after going to bed at about 3am AGAIN, an added bonus was NOT waking up with a hangover at about 8am!!!
We made a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon and toast and coke and coffee whilst watching the MotoGP, and set off for home by lunchtime.
The last F1 race of the season- in Brazil- is this afternoon, so if I can bribe my daddy darling AND stay awake, I’ll watch it live (there’s a three way driver championship race for the first time in more than 10 years and it’s very exciting indeed), otherwise I’ll be watching the re-broadcast at 1am tomorrow morning.
I hope the rest of you had as funky a weekend as I did!!!

Sister C and her other half went to so much trouble to set everything up for us- it looked great!!

This was our supper- sheep on the spit- absolutely mouthwateringly divine! There were also salads and baby potatoes cooked over the fire and home made bread and and and!!! You see that long skinny bit on the end of the leg- I had one of those!One of the two wheelbarrows C & D put out for the rubbish… that the dogs tipped over this morning early in search of scraps!
A lot of us spent the night and we had scrambled eggs and bacon and toast and lots of coffee for breakfast…And of course there was a flag flying! There were flags everywhere!Damien this morning, he’s not big on rugby and spent the night watching scary movies with a couple of the other teens at my sister’s place.

10 thoughts on “My Weekend Roundup!!!

  1. liz: so am i!

    s.s.n.: heh heh, my personal “normal” is a wee bit left of centre dude, maybe i’ll try and explain it in a blog post sometime…

    louisa: i did!

    phats: old yes, addictive totally!

    peong: thanx dude! how are you?

    katy katy katy: ooh… i’ll think about it…

  2. man my weekend was downright boring compared to yours – hey how come there is no picture of you – I want to see that Miniskirt!

  3. hi alex
    (quick whilst our slave makes coffee)
    we envy you having a whole blog to yourrrrrself…

  4. hi alex
    (quick whilst our slave makes coffee)
    we envy you having a whole blog to yourrrrrself…

  5. Purrrrrrrrrrrrr to you, Grebo, and Taxi for the nice things you wrote. (My human is human-napping so I gets the computer). OK?

  6. Marvelous weekend, that! BTW, what do you define as “normal?” I find that being just mildly insane rather than complete wacky is normal for me.

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