Antici… … … PAY-shunnn…

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself bunnies!
I am going next Friday after work to Tattoo Styles to get my 4th tattoo, FINALLY!!
It’s far from spur-of-the-moment… and I’ve been working on the design for a while… but when I was surfing the blognet this afternoon, I discovered that Simply Curious woke up with “the itch” yesterday and has already been for a new one- its gawjiss!
I got SOOOO jealous- I immediately phoned the place I usually go to to find out when the easiest time is to come through!
And since I’ll be away this weekend, it’ll have to wait till next weekend as they’re open late on a Friday and I don’t want to rush anything whilst they’re busy.
Damien will be going with me- camera in hand- and then when we get home I’ll post the pictures and a post for all you all to see what I got!
How cool would it be if you could see it on a webcam or something…!!!?!?!

23 thoughts on “Antici… … … PAY-shunnn…

  1. s.s.n.: i do indeed!

    spear: howdy dude! me either!

    sweetass: hhhmmm… i’ve never looked for balls- unless you mean the ones in black a velvet box next to my bed…

    nosjunkie: thanx! i’ll tell damien!

  2. damn your kids lucky wish my mom got tat’s and stuff.
    I really really want a tattoo but two things are holding me back, not knowing what to put where and being histerically scared of needles

  3. eina…no thanks…but enjoy the anticipation! like i told simply curious on her blog…you girls must have balls of steel…

  4. OK. You are excited obviously. You do have a pattern of what you want, don’t you?


  5. simply curious: yours is gorgeous- and the only reason i have had to wait is the cost factor…

    katy katy katy: i’ll be keeping my eyes open…

    gremlin: so why do you think i’m getting #4 (and #5 when i can afford it)

    blue momma: heh heh, no problemo!

  6. I am just so not cool enough for a tattoo! Plus I would probably cry as soon as they got started, proving even further my lack of coolness.

    I’ll just live vicariously though you, ok?

  7. Congradz on the Tattoo…. I’ll be waiting for the pics…. I still have to go that route, but knowing me it will become an addiction.

  8. I’m so excited for you!!! I don’t know how you waited so long. When I get the real itch, I just get up and go. Actually, the one I just, I decided on, after I got there. I had a completely different idea in mind.

    I am really SO happy for you. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Bet it’ll leave mine in the dark. 😉

  9. glugster: i think its greek, meaning “to tame”… but like most names it varies depending on where you look it up! i once even found it to be a girls name of french origin- depending on the spelling!

  10. That sounds really cool. And at least it’s original. No one else can say they’ve got one like it.

    Just for interest sake. What is the meaning of the name Damien?

  11. glugster: the dragon is #5, #4 is a scroll with damien’s name on and a pair of wings, its my own design and it’ll go between my shoulder blades!

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