So What Do I Really Want?

On Saturday- when Ydnic and I were driving to the support group meeting and back- we were chatting in the car and though I won’t go through the whoooole discussion, I will say that Ydnic and I are quite similar and I really enjoyed our chat.

She told me that before she met her husband, she made a list. She made a very specific list of what kind of man she wanted and what she thought a husband for her should be like. It got me thinking about what I want one day, if ever…

So here’s my list, in no particular order; and I did try to limit it to 20 points otherwise it starts getting a little vague.

And of course, I want “all”, but I’ll settle for “most”:

Y Tall

Y Dark

Y Well built

Y Passionate enough to handle me

Y Tattooed

Y Likes reading

Y Biker

Y Shaved head

Y Independent- in other words he no longer lives with his mother or ex wife…

Y Patient enough to handle Damien

Y Loves music

Y Likes food

Y Strong

Y Likes sci-fi and vampire movies

Y Adventurous when it comes to sex

Y Won’t look at me strangely because I like lots of sex

Y Likes traveling

Y Won’t give me flak about getting more tattoos

Y Has no problem with spending time at home alone just us two

Y Likes to go out and have fun and doesn’t think up excuses not to go out with me

Heh heh… So how shallow am I!!?! Is this a tall order or what…!?!!??

20 thoughts on “So What Do I Really Want?

  1. The very reason I trapped my husband when I did…..young.

    That way it allowed me to raise him the way I wanted him. he he he

  2. After all the frogs I kissed I eventually just had 1 thing on my list… must be kind. We are always attracted to the sexy, bastard types but its the kind guys who make good husbands. I hope you get a guy with all these things…Traveling, sexy, independent, single, ambitious etc but I hope he is saved as well. I think I am gonna be the reader who the others hate so will just call myself the H.C. from now on. Can’t wait to see your tatt! (sounds a bit rude!!)

  3. As a curiosity… You should know that Mr. Kaos has not a single tattoo anywhere on his body… and probably never will. AND would never in a million years discourage me from getting as many tats as I want.

    I wouldn’t have thought “Lets meet a hot composer/ former hair band drummer who has a super corporate job and falls asleep watching PBS most nights”

    So know what you want… but be open to what is perfect. Does that make sense?

  4. katy katy katy: aren’t uou lucky!?!

    gremlin: heh heh

    blue momma: mwaaaaaahahahahahahaaaa… you’re so sweet!

  5. “Won’t look at me strangely because I like lots of sex”

    I can’t imagine that getting a strange look. I have to hide the computer from hubby if I read you while he is home, lest he leaves me to move to South Africa! Because you know EVERYONE gets more than him.

    I feel so sorry for him. He is so deprived.

    And you aren’t shallow. You just know what you want!!!

  6. supermom: i’ve had a LOT of time to think about it!

    sweetass: i tried the short and sweet list- didn’t work!

    jenty: i gotta have something… ambition will have to do!

    lordwiggly: so what you waiting for- send them my way dude!

    s.s.n.: i think i’m going to need it…

    glugster: so where’s the list?

  7. This is now the 4’th list in 2 weeks I’ve seen. OK. So I’ve combined all 4, higlighted the common denominators, created a weighting for each point and then created a questionaire to fill in.

    Damn, I still don’t make the grade! Guess I’ll have to wait for list number 5.

  8. Glad you didn’t list “All I want is someone to love me.”

    It’s great to know who you’re seeking; good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Basically you’re looking for a mean-ass biker with a soft side? And a kinky side? And a penchant for gourmet food? Those okes are a dime a dozen.

  10. a biker that likes to read… good luck finding that one…whahahaha… good list angel, mine is short and sweet:
    1. he must be male
    2. he must find me irrisistable…
    how hard can that be!

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