I had a wonderful weekend bunnies- but more on that later…
Back to why I am soooo stoked… last week, after I went to see the tattoo place about my design- and the possible cost nearly floored me- I had a brainwave and contacted them to try and negotiate some kind of deal for my new tattoo…
They were amenable and I made them an offer for a possible arrangement. They contacted me on Friday afternoon saying they agreed to the deal and they’ll now do my WHOLE design for less than half what I was quoted, and I will place a business card advertisement on my blog!!! They checked me out here in bloggyworld and it seems they liked what they saw!!!
I’ll be going on TUESDAY after work for the WHOLE design so I don’t even have to wait till Friday!!!! Damien will be going with me to document the exercise photographically- and depending on how much in pain I am on Tuesday night- you’ll see the pictures then too!

7 thoughts on “STOKED!!!!!

  1. jenty: i was only pink for breast cancer awareness month! but it started getting to me too!

    louisa: i thought so too!

    hc: you’re an absolute peach!!!

    katy katy katy: and i can’t wait for it to be done!

    faerie: whirwind indeed!

    simply curious: there’s always next time!

  2. Our service was on being obedient when we believe God is talking to us even if it doesn’t make sense. Last week I wanted to tell you I would donate a R100 towards your tattoo but then I thought it would be weird. I have decided to be obedient since then so mail me your bank details. Seems He doesn’t have a prob with tattoos afterall!’
    HC me

  3. Cool!!! Can’t wait to see pics, that’s an awesome deal.
    btw, I like the green better than the pink background.

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