STOKED (part 2)

Hey allbunnies!
I’ve had to postpone my tattoo adventure from tonight (Tuesday) to this Friday- which was when I was originally going to go to Tattoo Styles, and Faith- you’re an absolute peach for putting up with my phone calls and emails and being prepared to make a deal with me for my new ink!
So, I’m still getting the money together for the ink- and a few darling friends have made donations (an advance birthday present on my one friend’s part) and I’ve organised with da Bruvva (who is also fixing up my design digitally for me) to come along and photograph the exercise from beginning to end so you can all see what happened. Damien is going to be away for the weekend again, so Friday night will be spent at Tattoo Styles and Saturday morning I’ll be doing housework and very likely gallivanting in the evening with Sweetass! How cool is that! New ink and meeting a blogger all in one weekend!!!
Bunnies, I am going to be in pain, and it’s going to itch like crazy for days- but I am so excited for Friday- I can hardly contain myself!!!

7 thoughts on “STOKED (part 2)

  1. Sounds like you have some awesome plans ahead of you.

    I can’t wait to see the photos!

  2. Friday sounds to me as if it will more painful for you than Alex’s recent visit to his vet was for him. And yet you can’t wait and he hides under the bed. I suppose that’s the difference between humans and cats, remembering that Alex calls all humans “silly.”

    Have, uh, a good time on Friday.

  3. simply curious: ooer, i’ll leave the piercing to you then shall i? and i am so in a tattoo mood- if i had the money i’d have my dragon done on my thigh this weekend too! and then go for a little something in my neck maybe…

    meherenow: and you think the suspense is killing you!!!

  4. OMG I’ve got to wait till Friday?!

    I have to wait longer than you do as its Friday here first!!

    God how selfish are you?!!

    (you KNOW I’m kidding right??)

  5. Mine is in the worst place possible. It still hurts and hasn’t healed up yet. 🙁

    I’m totally excited to see your work after it’s done. If this one was healed, I think I’d go get another one just for the fuck of it. I’m in a tattoo mood. I’ve decided to go get my belly button pierced instead. I’ll show you a pic after it’s done. 😀

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