I Got An Award From Lee!!!

Lee is the boss over at Vicinity of Obscenity and she’s gawjiss, funny, insightful and she likes cars and good music, like me (the cars and the good music I mean, LOL)!!! And she thinks I’m cool, and I so love to have my ego stroked a little… yes I know, my shrink does it all the time and I know he’s sincere- but I have to pay him for it! And an added bonus- she’s a South African too! Is this not the coolest! I am so flattered, Lee- thank you! And I’m in good company- you should check out the other bloggers she gave this award to! If you have not yet visited her- you dunno what you’re missing bunnies!

And according to the rules, I get to nominate five bloggers who I think deserve the award too… so after much deliberation and in depth analysis and late night reading and trying hard not to be distracted by new sites and new blogs and beautiful blogger people (and since Lee already gave the award to Fish and Rabbit, two of my favourite daily reads) and much furious debating with myself over wanting to award it to more than five bloggers (with Damien asking from the bedroom whom I’m talking to)… I have decided to designate the following bloggers as people whose blogging hits MY spot especially!

Sweetass who is right here in South Africa… and to use her own words- she’s divorced with a sweet ass! She is a fairly new blogger- to me and to blogland- but she’s one of the bloggers I just “clicked” with and she’s sincere and oh so funny!

Blue Momma in Alabama, another one to add to her growing list of awards… her haikus on Friday’s ALWAYS feature poop and she calls her son “Punkin”… I schmaark this chick laaaank (South Africanism for “I dig her lots”)!

Darla in the U S of A… she’s funny, a great photographer, and a military wife who’s just started with her hubby on a journey towards becoming a family unit with little Darla feet pitter pattering around!

Simply Curious Girl in San Francisco… another new blogger- to me and to blogland- and a fellow tattoo addict who actually beat me to it just recently. She’s clever and funny too!

Phats in Indiana… a sports mad blogger with a fantastic sense of humour! And don’t panic if you hear a band- it’s on his blog… not in your head- what you may hear is his beloved Boiler’s fight song and my Damien just loves it!
Right. Now you can click on the award picture to claim it and add it to your page, then pass on the blog love if you’re nominated and feel so inclined…

12 thoughts on “I Got An Award From Lee!!!

  1. writeprocrastinator: thank you thank you!

    p.p.: they deserve it!

    blue momma: you’re more than welcome- i love “blog bling” too!

    glugster: gotta love a new read!

    sweetass: trust me i woulda told you it was here!

    katy katy katy: ;-P

    nosjunkie: love your work!

    jane: another newbie! thank you!

    darla: thanx darla- you deserve it!

    will: howdy newbie! thanx for stopping by!

    fish: MWA!

  2. Congrats Angel…Believe me Lee doesnt just give awards away…so if she gave you one…well then you definitley deserve it

  3. Thanks for the nomination! It’s a blog first! You are so great and very well rounded and read I might add!

  4. me?? an award…why thank you darling…!!!! i almost missed this post angel…mwhahahahah…

  5. Congrats to all the awardees! I currently read two of those blogs, but will visiting the others

  6. Very cool! I haven’t seen this one before. I love me some blog bling!

    I’ll pass this one along on Saturday. Thanks my SA friend!

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