My Birthday Wishlist.

And do please note bunnies… these are all absolutenecessities, musthave, can’tlivewithoutthem items for me!

By the way, do you know the difference between tights, leggings, stockings and pantyhose? In South Africa, everything is referred to as stockings, even when they’re pantyhose so lemme eddykate you, k? Pantyhose go from waist to toes, stockings go from thighs to toes, leggings go from waist to ankle, and socks go from toe to anywhere between the ankle and the knee. Stockings sometimes need a garter belt or thigh garters, but nowadays you can buy them with a little rubberised strip or two inside the top and they hold themselves up!

I love those!







this is me tonight- my own version of pms self-torture & a lack of happy pills…

best i get to bed before i do something i’ll regret… like drunken text messages? you know the ones? well, i’m not drunk- but i’m THIS close to pulling some stupid stunt…

Could you be a closet claustrophobic?

Modified Mummy tagged me with the “7 things” meme a while ago, and I apologise for having been so slow completing it… I think I may’ve done it before- or something similar- but I do love playing meme-meme!!

So here goes.


7. When it comes to my relationships with men- romantic or sexual ones I mean- I put them in charge because I have no brakes. If allowed to I will steadily drive the guy nuts because I am quite happy to call him, email him, text him, IM him and go to see him till he’s sick of me! I like to agree the rules up front then I know how far I am allowed to push things.


6. I have a list of ten rules- carefully thought out and carefully worded- for my FiB partners. I allow a little bending of the rules, but if they’re broken the “relationship” ends.


5. I am a biker at heart… I just can’t afford my own bike! My hands itch when they go by me on the highway, and I am often tempted to just pull over on a highway, stop the first biker I see and beg him to take me with him wherever he’s going!


4. All through school, my personal motto was “no kids, no husband”. I never did the babysitting-for-extra-money, helping-out-in-Sunday-school thing. Had my darling Damien- the centre of my little universe- not come along by accident, I woulda been quite happily single and childless!!!


3. I am addicted to nicotine, caffeine, communication, tattoos and sex. I only smoke when I drink, and caffeine makes me sleepy… communication can be in any form- blog comments, emails, phone calls, text messages or IM chats, doesn’t matter. I don’t get NEARLY enough sex and I can’t afford as many tattoos as I want…


2. When Damien isn’t home and I don’t have to play mommy, then I don’t cook, clean, do laundry or wake up on time, and I have the cats to myself! I also don’t see much of my family as I indulge in visiting friends or going out on my own. I pretty much live on coke, coffee, strawberry sorbet and yoghurt. I spend all my time online or watching CSI slash X-Files DVDs. Now if I had a FiB… or a boyfriend… I would most likely spend all my time in bed, mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa!


1. I blush easily at work… for some reason not really anywhere else. And I blush from my ears to my throat! My colleagues love to tease me and make me blush and when I feel my face get hot I blush even more!!!



And now I’m gonna tag seven bloggers!

M     Starting with a very good real-life friend of mine and a fellow tattooed mom- Anelle at Cow’s Corner!!!

M     And I’m gonna tag my bestest best friend Gen, aka NSNMOTB because she ignored blogland for such a long time (and yes, I know it wasn’t entirely your fault tjomma)!

M     And I’ll tag my new friend M@, who has an Animal Mind… since he’s my new blogosphere friend and I want to get to know him better.

M     And I think I’ll tag Szarek (Will) because he’s also fairly new to blogland too, and because I can’t recall him doing a list like this yet.

M     My next taggee is Tracy– I admire her and her determination and I reckon a list like this completed by an ADHDer should be entertaining in the least.

M     And I want a list from you Faerie.

M     And last but not least, I’ll tag Rabbit! Hhmmm… seven things Bunny related… should be fascinating!


And no- I will not accept any excuses- I have tagged you, now run along and do your homework or I’ll send a letter to your parents!


When Bloggers Say Goodbye…

You know bunnies, it’s really odd to me- even now still- how much we creep into each other’s lives and hearts here in the blogosphere. And it truly never ceases to amaze me how heart sore and sad it can make me when a blogger I have been reading for a while decides to close up shop and move back into their real life on a full time basis.

One such blogger is Aljaž, who has been keeping a lot of bloggers entertained and a lot of women drooling over on his blog, Fishizem.

Fish has decided he has shared too much and he’s going to stop blogging. He may return, with more anonymity, on another blog… and I hope that if he does he’ll let me know…

So Fish, dude, I am going to miss you. I consider you a friend of mine, even though we only know each other in cyberspace.

You are SO entitled to what you want in your life- and I hope you find a way to make your dreams come true.