Happy 1K!!!

This, oh ever loving bunnies o’ mine, is the

based on what goes on in
and I tell you, its come along a LOT sooner than I thought it would! I’m not at all amazed that I’ve reached 1000, to be honest, as I fully intend to blog for as long as I possibly can and I wish I coulda started when Damien was a baby… but I am amazed at the impact blogging has had on my life- and it IS 1K, so I’m officially chuffed with myself!
I actually have 7 blogs, with a total of 1254 posts- but this one is the most important to me!
And in order to celebrate my 1000th post, I am requesting that you announce yourself… it’s time to

and declare your attendance… make yourself known… reveal yourself… ESPECIALLY if you’ve never done so before.

I just love how many visitors I’ve had, and judging by my Clustrmap, I’ve had visitors from all over the globe! The list of countries with dots on is a long one… Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Hawaii, Canary Islands, Mauritius, USA, Maldives, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Norway, Russia, Mongolia, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Canada, Japan, North and South Korea, China, Philippines, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Tasmania, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Barbados, Peru, Ecuador, Sudan, Indonesia… and I’ve made incredible connections with some amazing people from all over the globe! And the last few weeks I’ve had a whole BUNCH of new visitors!!!
And bunnies, you needn’t post a link if you don’t want to- just tell me your name and where you’re from so I can say thank you to a name!
Thank you- ALL OF YOU- for making blogging such a blast for me!

25 thoughts on “Happy 1K!!!

  1. Woohoo! What a huge amount of posts! I’ll bet it’d be slightly depressing just adding up all that time spent 😉 lol.

    Does it count as a delurking if technically I just arrived today?

    Meh. Hi, I’m Laura. I live in the UK and spend too much time online! I’ve two wee sprogs, and not enough body mods. And I’m enjoying reading through your blog, even though I may not quite read all 1000 of them”!

  2. hey, Im late for the party. Dont mind me, Ill just pick up some of these wine and beer bottles, I wont even mention the nakedness and debauchery.

  3. Happy 1000 Angel! I’ll come around for sure, again and again, atleast till they lock me up again 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your thousand.

    I’m from England, and in real life everyone except my closest family call me either Rabbit or Bunny.

  5. One of the first blogs I came across when I started my curious blog. My tattoo partner! Stick around, Angel. We love you. 🙂

  6. You look good for 1000!

    I came here from …. umm I don’t remember,I get a bit carried away blog-hopping (it should be an Olympic sport-I’d win!)so can’t remember who linked me here but whoever it was “CHEERS!”
    Anyway,liked it so mush in Angel’s Mind I’ve been back several times since!

    Oh and I’m from the UK!

  7. Congrats!!! Wow I’m really impressed. And… 7 blogs??! Gawd, woman, where do you find the time?

  8. wow this has been a week of big things.
    Im Nosjunkei or Lee you can call me what you like as long as its not late for dinner.
    I live in S.A. and I love Angels mind

  9. ahmm I am not lurking I comment (not on every post but on most) anyway I am your German reader that is in the US

  10. Hi Angel! My name is Blue Momma. I’m very shy and seldom leave comments and …uh, you know who I am!

    No lurker here, but congrats on your 1K posts!!!!

  11. Hi Angel. Happy 1KB!
    I love reading your blog (surfed over from Gen’s blog a while ago). Love hearing about tatoos, yours and Damien’s exploits, and getting to see what’s in your mind. Keep up the good blogging.
    Maggie – South Africa

  12. *Ahem*

    Hi, my name is SheBee, and I’m an alc- oh wait, wrong room.


    PS: COngrats, angel – really well done.

  13. Congratulations, Angel. The big 1000 is quite an accomplishment! Celebrate well!

  14. congratulations!!!!!!!!
    hi…my name is sweetass… i live in the most beautiful country in the world… south africa… i visit here often…have you noticed??? lol!!!

  15. Congrats!! Hooray!! Hip Hip!!!

    This is quite an achievent! If you started in 2005 that’s more than just a post a day. Well done!

    By the way, my name is Glugster. My colleagues call me The Glugster.

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