i’m exhausted… i’m going to bed now… this is unusual for me, especially on a friday night!

update: my poor taxi cat is very upset with me, he usually sleeps on my chest and last night he was prowling all over my bed and butting my face to try and get me to turn over!
i was awake at 3am, and fully awake by 7am… it burns like sunburn still, but its not too bad at all.

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  1. well i hope you are sleeping better these days and I totally understand Taxi I mean how dare you inconvenience him!!!!!

  2. s.c.g.: i didn’t take anything, but i slept ok, i never remember my dreams…

    s.s.n.: thanx dude…

  3. After 3 hours getting stuck, I would not expect you to be out lollygagging the town!

    Sweet dreams, Angel!

  4. Sweet dreams and I really hope you took something for pain before sleeping. Waking up with tattoo pain in the middle of the night, hurts…

    It really is beautiful.

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