ROTFL… I’m A Cool Mom!

Yup- its official bunnies, as decided by Damien’s school friends.
This despite my chaperoning school parties, not allowing Damien to gallivant everyday, taking pictures all the time and being on the PTA!
It seems its enough that I wear Doc Martins, have tattoos, have a cool car (an Opel Corsa 1600 Fuel injected Sport) and I arrive to fetch Damien with Metallica or Linkin Park or Blink 182 or some such playing full blast out the car windows!
And of course he’s allowed to smoke and grow his hair…

15 thoughts on “ROTFL… I’m A Cool Mom!

  1. My son says I’m cool…

    although he’s only three, so I’m not sure how much is perceived coolness, or just parroting myself saying he’s cool, lol.

    The older kids where we live think I’m… odd, lol. I’m sure I’ll find a happy medium someday!

    And of course you’re a cool mum! Yours is a rare breed.

  2. maggs: innit just!

    s.s.n.: 0:-D

    glugster: aaaw aren’t you sweet!

    your cheque’s in the mail…

    p.p.: why thank you!!!

    darla: me too!

    sweetass: heh heh, thanx for the clarification… i dunno if i wanna be a MILF… at least not to damien’s friends

    nosjunkie: 0:-D

    living bridget: sorry i’m so slow…

  3. I told you, you were killer cool.
    and mine is an educated opinion as I am still young enough to apreciate it.
    Love the tatt by the way

  4. YAY!!! i live for my comments… pathetic innit!?!
    ok, right. so- tell me what you thought slash didn’t think slash are thinking… or what you dreamed last night!

    that’s the YAY message living B talked about!

    Anyway, congratulations!! i’m way too strict to be the coolest mom, but i have my moments!
    you know what i would love, to be discussed like those guys on the KFC ad, “your’re mother’s quite nice..” woohoo!!! lol!

  5. The awards just keep on pouring in. Congrats, not just for being a great mom, but a great person1!

  6. living bridget: woohoo! a new visitor! my darlin damien is far from an angel himself- in fact, “hellion” is a bloody good word for him too!
    um… “yay” message?

    tom cat: why thank you! i do hope you can sort out the puppy problems soon…

  7. A cool yet responsible and pragmatic mom is what you seem to be! That’s a nice combination me thinks!
    The pupplets are doing well, thank you! Although they have been fighting like crazy (one of the many blogging moments that I have missed). But I no doubt will one day have the opportunity to explain more about it. It’s been quite a problem for us actually.

  8. Errr, first time leaving a comment here and a trifle disturbed by the YAY!!! Message. Kinda wring-footed me for a seccie ther! LOL.

    So erm, yeah, Cool Mom! I am aspiring for this title myself. Although I’m a little worried The Pickle doesn’t give off a good impression, being over weight and a general hellion. Some might think this is my fault… anyway, working on it.

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