A Blogger Linky Love Meme

I was tagged a while ago by Cami+ at “Mommified Me” and I know I’ve been slow getting to it… but I had a lot to do!!!!

And funnily enough, you can find a similar meme called “why I blog” over at Sometimes Saintly Nick’s place. So if you don’t get tagged by me, then feel free to meme-tag yourself with either version of it!


Let’s get down to it.

This meme is based on the SEO theory that links to posts inside your blog posts are more important than links to your home page… so what you do is pick three posts that you feel are your best, your personal favourites or the ones you don’t think enough people read or commented on. Then your blog name is listed with your 3 selected posts below it.

Then add the sites and post links to the bloggers you tagged onto your post… and try to include some of the previously tagged bloggers as well…

I’ve included three of the bloggers (and their links) who were tagged before me… and if my taggees++ respond* I’ll update the links with their meme posts…

Here’s my list… took me forever to narrow it down to three, being the brilliantly verbose and inexhaustible writer that I am, don’t you know**!

Y Free To A Good Home

Y Snippet Of A Conversation At Home

Y Me… In The Gym… Yes Seriously!

Here are the three who were tagged before me:


Y heart

Y look, it’s me

Y friends make strange bedfellows…

Jo Beaufoix

Y More Slugs

Y A Grim Tale

Y And Miss E does it again

Choc Mint Girl

Y Failure in Every Success

Y Feel Like Singing?

Y Warm Wishes to Dad

And to dole out some more link love (I love Cami’s reference to a link “orgy”), I choose to tag the following three bloggers…

Y Fish @ Fishizem

Y Louisa @ 123 Blog Myself

Y Allan @ Camelsbackandforth

+ Oh I have such a girl crush on that chick… just don’t tell her okay- I’d be very embarrassed indeed if she found out… ROTFLMAO!

++ I made a new word- I made a new word- fifty bux if you use it anywhere!

* ‘coz meme tags are always fully optional and I will so not take it personally if they decline don’t you know

** okay- you can stop laughing now!

14 thoughts on “A Blogger Linky Love Meme

  1. mel: heh heh… thats the way to do it!

    s.c.: no worries girl! its all in fun!

    michael martinez: dude, if i ever get in trouble for playing meme tag, i’ll be the first to line up and take an “i told you so” without cringing… but bloggers link each other all the time for all sorts of reasons- we always have!

  2. As to what I said, it is completely true. I tracked down the originator of this ridiculous “SEO theory” meme and found that Google had penalized his blog.

    What you’re doing is the search engine optimization equivalent of a classic Ponzi scheme, where you artificially boost links through a manipulative technique.

    The technique leaves a very visible algorithmic footprint (because you link back to people in the tag list) that the search engines can follow.

    Google began penalizing sites a few weeks ago that it deemed were engaged in manipulative linking practices.

    This faux SEO theory meme appears to be one of the manipulative practices they don’t like.

    It caught my attention only because some of the people involved in this scam have been linking to the SEO Theory blog.

    I would never advise anyone to do anything as risky as participate in this kind of a link scam.

  3. I read it again, and I’m still not understanding the meme, but I promise I’ll look over it again after my fist cup of coffee.

    As for what Michael said, it’s not true. There are millions of memes going around in millions of different blog rings. Everything from getting to know you memes to whatever this meme was. So quit being such a sourpuss Michael. It’s all in fun and games.

  4. Being a technophobe and all I don’t know what you guys are all talking about. I will continue to run my regular little blog and make darling hubby and darling big sis do blog chores every so often.

  5. louisa: good luck with the studying!

    allan: rand in a buck? i dunno- isn’t it one to one?

    glugster: no dude- thats “TEKKIES”!

    michael martinez: ok, i didn’t know that… but i don’t see why we should stop tagging each other- mems are totally optional and they’re usually pretty entertaining too. surely whether a blogger decides to participate in a meme or not is up to them? how can it be spam then? its not like i can post a meme on someone else’s blog- then it would be spam to my mind…

    simply curious: aw sorry- get what? what’d you miss…?

    shebee: mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… thanx girl!

  6. Why don’t I get it? I don’t seem to be getting anyones’ blogs this evening so I’m going to bed. I’ll read it again, tomorrow…

  7. Yes, it’s blog spam and the SEO Theory blog does not support this “meme”.

    The blog that started this nonsense has been penalized by Google, as have many others that picked it up.

    You people need to stop tagging each other. You should delete these spam posts and, those of you whose blogs have been penalized, file reinclusion requests.

  8. ++ Contortionary , as in: “George Bush gave a contortionary speech about Middle Eastern politics.”

    How many rand in a buck these days?

  9. Hehe…thanks for the link angel.

    I promise I’ll do a post on this after the exams. đŸ˜‰

    That one with the balls that you wrote was soooo funny!

  10. Great reading after a long ass day at work!
    The balls…cracking me up! The big rubber ball at the gym, oh God that thing and everything the trainer makes me do on it…I swear, coordination has never been my strong suit and me on the ball is still pure comedy! It’s always 2 days after that it hurts. A lot.

  11. This meme is based on the SEO theory that links to posts inside your blog posts are more important than links to your home page

    Okay, I understand now. These MEMEs are just another form of blog spam.

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