Stolen from Dynagirl

I found this meme list thingy on a blog belonging to one Dyna Girl, who I followed home from Fish’s place one day! It looked like fun for when I run out of blog posts…!
=> How old do you feel? last week- like a 10 year old the night before Christmas!!! This week, I haven’t decided yet…
=> What do you believe is the meaning of life? To never regret anything!
=> Why is the sky blue? Wait- what- the sky’s blue…??!?!
=> What is your favorite thing to cook? Chinese!
=> What would your last meal be? A biltong and avocado salad from Rhapsody’s, KFC Popcorn Chicken, a McDonalds Quarter Pounder Deluxe, a huuuuge Vanilla Coke, a Black Label and lemon or litchi sorbet.
=> What is the youngest age you have memories of? I think I was 2… I remember a spiral staircase and the sun shining through a doorway on a dark wooden parquet floor…
=> What is your favorite thing in the world? Thing- meaning inanimate right- that would be my laptop! And my lava lamp!
=> What living person would you want to meet? Angelina Jolie! Ooh and King Robbie!
=> What dead person would you want to meet? I have never thought about this…
=> Where in the world would you like to live? Alaska
=> Who has the most influence on you? My darling Damien… hoo boy…
=> Would you rather be single forever with a great family or be with your soul mate and have no family? Hhmmm, tough one… depends on whether I’m craving sex or not… mostly I’d say forever single with my family who I adore…
=> What is your favorite scented candle? Sandalwood
=> Have you ever read the bible? Cover to cover
=> Who do you dislike most in the world? I honestly can’t think of anyone…
=> What is your ideal date? Great food and dancing and great conversation
=> What is your favorite shape? A sixpack… ;-P
=> What color do you feel represents you? A glittery shiny purple!
=> Would you rather be honest and poor, or a liar and rich? Ah, a question that depends how far I am from payday…
=> What is your ideal ice cream creation? I’d rather have a sorbet thanx, lemon sorbet and condensed milk, yummy!!
=> What is your favorite thing to do? Hhhmmmm… Depends on the time of day… I love blogging, driving, IM chatting, sleeping, reading, horse riding…
=> What is your favorite junk food? Where do I start!!?! The list is a long one…
=> What is the longest you’ve gone without talking to anyone? A weekend… wait, do my cats count- coz then I’d have to say never…
=> What is your favorite board game? Scrabble!
=> What is your favorite book? Ooh- another long list… I’ll chooooose… no, can’t, too many!
=> What toy have you always wanted and never gotten? A Barbie doll!
=> What item could you not go without during the day? My laptop (and you can wipe that smirk off your face now)!!!
=> Do you consider yourself smart? Abso-friggin-lutely! And sexy! Mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa..
=> How old were you when life was the hardest? It’s been sporadically difficult between the ages 33 and 16!
=> Is there anything you have to do every day? Blog? Brush my teeth? Feed my cats? Drive to work? Pick one!
=> Do you curse in front of family? Heh heh, apparently I say “shit” a lot…
=> If you had to get back with an ex who would it be? Oh fork- none of them- ever!!! Ex is ex for a reason, bunnies!!!
=> When was the last time you felt truly loved by someone? Romantic love from a man- 2001, mommy love from Damien- every single day!
=> What character trait would you change about yourself? Judgmentalism (ha ha- I just made up a word)!
=> Which of your five senses would you give up if you had to? I couldn’t imagine going with out any of them… though smell doesn’t rank very highly for me- my nose has never worked all that well!
=> What do you do when the power goes out? Go somewhere where it’s not out!
=> Would you rather spend the night out or in? That depends, first- is there electricity and second- can I blog and/ or IM?

17 thoughts on “Stolen from Dynagirl

  1. umm Angel? Im with glug here.. ALASKA?!?!?

    I think you may want to read more … OH but there is an overabundance of MEN… so there is a perk to freezing your ass off.

  2. ALASKA…wow…you realy like your…um…uh…cold weather…but can you ride horses there

  3. Fr some reason I only had really fat dolls. It’s not wonder I turned out that way! But It’s been great getting to know that you are possibly crazy. 🙂

  4. p.p.: well, they’re REALLY expensive in good ol sowff effrika, and my mommy & daddy darling had 4 kids…

    dyna girl: i think my yahoo was playing up, i had a couple of complaints… i think its working again now. and you posted in my honour? wow- i’ll be there shortly!
    and yes, it seems i say shit a lot, my 3 year old nephew says it too and everyone “blames” me, teehee… so glad you enjoyed this!

  5. Damn, you do your research! Love it and love you! I tried to email you the other day…didn’t work, so I posted in your honor.

    Soooooo…I would have agreed with the laptop, until I spilled all over and killed mine. This new beauty is 3 days old to me. A couple years old to Jeff, but he gave it to me, bless him.

    Anyway, this was awesome to read. I might have to go back for a reread. Nighty night, Angel!

  6. If it were my LAST meal then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting another attack of pancreatitis since I’d be dead soon anyway SO……I would order everything in a Chinese restaurant and I would make sure I ate at least 3 egg rolls!!!!!!!

  7. glugster: ummm… ‘coz its cold there!?

    creative-type dad: helloooooo newbie!!! welcome!!! do you know i’ve never had a peanut butter cup??!?

  8. “KFC Popcorn Chicken”

    Sweeet! That would be my last meal too. And maybe Peanut Butter cups too.

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