18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…

  1. oh man that reminds me I totally forgot Mac’s (our great dane)birthday

    anyway happy birthday Greebo – make sure they treat you like the master you are – and not just today

  2. louisa: why thank you- he takes after his mother don’t you know!

    tattooed mama: must come and see!

    preposterous ponderings: i did, he said mmeeeowrrrr?!

    simply curious: ummm… not quite… take a look here, this makes greebo about 35…

    blue momma: heh heh, i have three furry masters!

    modified mummy: he got both! thank you!

    mr r rabbit: sadly no, that would be fun… and he still has both eyes, no scars and full ears… and he’s never had the opportunity to fight wolves or sire litters and litters of greeblets… but when he and i met the first time, he gave me this look that was unmistakable!

    sometimes saintly nick: mmeeeowrrrrrrrr!

    living bridget: greebo is a wee bit odd- he wouldn’t let you touch him… i’ll do it for you okay?

    nosjunkie: aw kyooot!!! it is fun finding a name that fits innit… how bout cola, or chianti?

    glugster: my furry masters do indeed live quite a luxurious life…

    szarek(will) : mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… oh the love between siblings!

    shebee: mmeeeooooowwrrrrrrrr!

    sweetass rsa: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… no they don’t!

  3. you know when it’s your cat’s birthday…wow, i’m impressed! does your pot plants have birthday’s too??

    just kidding angel, happy bday Greebo!!!!

  4. Happy birthday kitty
    he looks like my black baby only she doesnt have a name
    we have tried vader since the fat grey sloth Stiff owns is called Jabba but it hasnt quite stuck

  5. Happy birthday, Greebo! *virtual stroke and scratch behind ears*

    Like all cats, he looks full of himself! I’m a little wary of independent pets, give me a needy dog any day.

  6. Must… think… of… lolcats… captions!

    Wish the wee fella a Happy Birthday from me 🙂 Or a scratch behind his ears, whichever you think he’ll like more 😀

  7. green tea ice cream is so possible. check my archives for october. i wrote about it.. 🙂

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