Breakfast Conversation

Note- this was after he woke up growling at me that he was tired and didn’t sleep well. And this was after we had argued over any number of little stupid things.
I REALLY need to get back on my happy pills!

Me (in the kitchen): Damien, where’s the chocolate?

Damien (in his room still getting dressed): what chocolate?

Me: the chocolate I took out of the cupboard last night when I was packing away the dry dishes.

Damien (getting annoyed): I didn’t see any chocolate!

Me: Damien…

Damien (very annoyed now): I DIDN’T SEE ANY CHOCOLATE!!!

Me (going to his bedroom): there were two slabs of cooking chocolate- one white, one dark- in the kitchen on the counter. Now the dark chocolate is gone. How much have you eaten?

Damien (turns to yell at me, forgetting this means a wide open mouth): I didn’t take the friggin chocolate! I don’t even like dark chocolate!

Me (furious, throwing hands into the air): brush your teeth, we have to go and you have chocolate all over your tongue.

We’re off the the psych this afternoon for our monthly visit…

14 thoughts on “Breakfast Conversation

  1. dyna girl: its taken me years to learn that!

    szarek (will): nope… all gone…

    nosjunkie: heh heh, ya think!!?!

    sometimes saintly nick: i know i know smacks self sharply on wrist

    shebee: thanx- he is most of the time…

    sweetass rsa: i love this particular cooking chocolate, its tasty and cheap and doesn’t leave that nasty waxy layer in your mouth! and i often melt it down and add stuff to it for a treat!

    lordwiggly: since he ate the whole slab i didn’t think he needed any more…

    dino aka katy: mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa

    louisa: why thank you!

    living bridget: that’s such an apt description!

    blue momma: mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa

    jenty: went fine at the psych, i adore him!

    preposterous ponderings: actually this particular brand is divine, we both love it!

  2. OMG how could he eat that stuff?

    It’s so bitter! (I know because I have tasted it. LOL)

    Funny you caught him.Bet he wished he could run and hide. Go mom!

  3. OMW, your blog is proof that my life with my boys is very easy while they are still young! Hope it went well at the psych.

  4. I hope the meeting was more honest than this little episode on Damien’s part. Children are delightfully impossible.

  5. Ooops! Busted!
    You are very calm in the face of this kind of mini-disaster angel…I am suitably impressed.

  6. you know – I would leave chocolate laying around in my house Grumpy would eat it and may or may not fess up to it.

  7. Shame, the kid is obviously starved of chocolate if he’s eating cooking chocolate and lying about it. Maybe take him to a store and buy him whatever chocolate he desires. Now that’s what I would’ve wanted my mom to do 😉

  8. cooking chocolate…”arched brow”…were you planning on baking something angel 😮

    got to love that kid!

  9. But, Angel darlin’, how could you tempt poor, innocent Damien by leaving that chocolate on the counter

    Thats classic
    GOD Damien sounds like Stiffla and Will more and More every day.
    I think they may be related


    AHHH the little things humans fight about…Did you at least get the chocolate back?

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