Can You Cry Underwater?

I found this over at Living Bridget’s pozzie and her answers were friggin hysterical!!! I’m gonna post it ‘coz I’m totally brain fried this Friday and I can’t write a decent post… Don’t hate me, and feel free to “borrow” this list of you feel like meme tagging yourself!

And no, the title has sweet blow all to do with the post!!!



F      Slept in a bed beside you: Damien… he used to do it if he had nightmares or if his room got too hot, leaving me sleeping on a 10cm strip of mattress!

F      Saw you cry: Damien, I forget what I cried about…

F      Went to the movies with you: sister B, we saw “Die Hard 4”

F      You went to the mall with: Damien… I’m picking up a trend here… LOL

F      You went to dinner with: my friend N- with the company I work for- it was our year end function

F      You talked to on the phone: Damien

F      Said ‘I love you’ to and really meant it: Damien

F      Broke your heart: Mr Big, in 2001…

F      Made you laugh: my boss



@      Pierce your nose or tongue: ummm… can I have a tattoo instead?

@      Be serious or be funny: I’m always serious, I never joke…

@      Drink whole or skim milk: full cream for me please!

@      Die in a fire or drown: eeeuwww… I’m never going to die!

@      Spend time with your parents or enemies: my parents



F      Simple or complicated: I’m so straightforward and unsophisticated it’s laughable!

F      Gay: nope… then again, it has been so long maybe I’ve forgotten? Errrmmm, no. Straight! Definitely!

F      Hardcore: who me? Nuh uh, never ever!??!



@      Flowers or candy: ooh, with my sweet tooth- definitely the sugar!

@      Grey or black: black please

@      Color or Black and white photos: depends on the picture, I do love b&w

@      Lust or love: I’ll take lust over love any day thanx

@      Sunrise or sunset: sunset! That’s when I come alive!

@      Staying up late or waking up early: I’m always up late!!!



F      Sun or moon: the moon wins hands down!

F      Winter or Fall: winter, the colder the better thank you very much!

F      Left or right: left or right what?

F      10 acquaintances or having two best friends: hhmmm… in real life or blogging? ‘coz technically have both and I love them equally!

F      Sun or rain: rain! Rain rain rain!!!

F      Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream: litchi sorbet please…

F      Vodka or Jack: JACK!!!



@      What time is it: 14h20

@      Name: angel

@      Where were you born: south africa

@      What is your birth date: December 28

@      What do you want: sheesh… that’s not a quick answer- tell you what, I’ll post a birthday wish list later this weekend, okay?!

@      Where do you want to live: ALASKA!!! Yes- I was serious!

@      How many kids do you want: I already have one, and that’s my quota filled thank you very much!

@      What would you want to name a girl: well, I knew Damien was a boy when I found out I was pregnant- so I never really thought about girls names… but just in case, I liked “Ronique” back then.

@      What would you want to name a boy: heh heh… already did that! Damien!!!

@      You want to get married: never ever…



F      Nervous Habits: I chew my lip and I blush…

F      Are you double jointed: yup- my hips!!!

F      Can you roll your tongue: yup!

F      Can you raise one eyebrow: yup, and I can alternate them!

F      Can you cross your eyes: yup!

F      Do you make your bed daily: nope…

F      Which shoe goes on first: which ever one I find first…

F      Ever thrown one at someone: heh heh… yes, once

F      On the average, how much money do you carry on you: I don’t- I spend it too fast to carry it anywhere!

F      What jewelry do you wear: ooh- always earrings, at least 3 rings and something round my neck.



@      Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: twirl and suck!

@      Have you ever eaten Spam: yup, rather like it too!

@      Favorite ice cream: didn’t I already ask for litchi sorbet?

@      How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet: usually Kelloggs Frosties or Froot Loops, they never go in the cabinet though- I finish them on the couch before they get that far…

@      Do you cook: ummm… cook where?



F      Had a bf? no

F      Bought something you didn’t need: yup

F      Sang in front of people: yup

F      Been kissed: nope

F      Been hugged: yup

F      Felt stupid: yup

F      Got drunk: yup

F      Got high: nope

F      Danced Crazy: yup

F      Gotten your hair cut: yup

F      Cried: yup

F      Lied: yup


7 thoughts on “Can You Cry Underwater?

  1. you so totally cheated! But I’m reading you 100 facts *might take me all day* and so will learn much much more.

  2. p.p.: i gotta come and see!!!

    s.s.n.: didn’t you see my post for #5 a while ago? the dragon up my thigh? i posted about it before i even got my wings!

  3. Great answers girlie!

    I am so stealing this to post on my blog tomorrow. I’ll be sure to give you a plug.

  4. glugster: i am deathly serious all the time dude 😀
    so much so in fact that people don’t recognise my voice on the phone… but they know EXACTLY who’s speaking when i start to giggle!
    okay i admit it, that was the lie…

  5. You’re not really always serious are you? Or is that the lie you’re referring too? 🙂

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