I Joined A Club

And its already paid dividends!!!
Rabbit has started a letter club!
Its good old fashioned letter writing via the Royal mail- AND
I already received my first letter!!!
I will not be sharing the contents of the letter…
but its awesome, he is a word wizard indeed!!!

13 thoughts on “I Joined A Club

  1. mine arrived yesterday!! lemme just tell you its something else to get a letter in the mail, absolutely love it!

  2. nosjunkie: oh he was very serious indeed!!

    sweetass: omg you’re a scream girl!!!

    louisa: 😀 go check the links if rabbit’s explanation isn’t enough…

    simply curious: innit just!

    allan: HEY STRANGER!!! listening? ok… gotta go google!

    gremlin: i do love written letters grem…

    preposterous ponderings: you’ll never know ;P
    yet- then again- it could simply be a lengthy and detailed explanation of his passion for “lrp”…

    rabbit: mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa…

    s.s.n.: 😀

  3. A snail mail club? I’m enough of a traditionalist (that’s the 2nd time I’ve used that word this week—damn!) to be impressed.

  4. Lousia, its pretty much a creative writing project crossed with an art project. The art project bit is the fact that each letter is crafted individually, I take no copies, and they are fairly random with the idea being to make them gradually more and more tailored.

    And Preposterous. I refuse to comment on what the contents might be, it is a matter for individuals who choose to receive the letters to decide whether they wish to comment.

  5. oh my word i’m jealous!!!! my post box lock is probably gonna break… i’ve been checking every day~ nothing yet…grrrrr!

  6. I havent had the time to send him my postal adress yet but I am glad to see that he was serious about the letters

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