I’m at work, posting quickly, because my home connection SUX right now!!!
I am having endless hassles and some nights I can open a blog- then I can’t leave a comment, other times I can’t even open them!!! Its infuriating! And the worst is I don’t have time at work to go and read and comment quickly- and my client’s server blocks half of everything too!!!
And Sweetass- thank you for the “pyjama award”- you know me WAAAY to well!!!
I’ll be spreading the blogger love with that one as soon as I can!

11 thoughts on “GRRRRRRRRRRRR

  1. mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa…

    sorry, pulling myself towards myself… in my seriously fiending state that sounded very funny!

  2. all bunnies: i am SO missing out… and i am still battling…
    AND it seems that despite my tweaking a while ago, my page STILL takes forever to load- i’ll be investigating that and trying to make changes so that angel’s mind loads faster.

  3. I think it is Blogger and not your connection! I couldn’t even get on here for most of the day yesterday.

    When I finally did I was to pissed to make a post!

    Congrats on your award!

  4. Well I am back, connected and online! I dont know why you are sukkeling like that because both you and I have the same version of 3g (I have not upgraded) and I dont have those problems (my signal strength has always been 3 bars).

    Anyways, it feels good to be back home again!!!

  5. I’ve got a connection problem. My brain is constantly disconnected from the rest of my body!!!

    Welcome to South Africa.

  6. I Always have to blog and comment at work because my household cant decide if we should get DSTV or ADSL.
    so at the moment we dont have either

  7. Fix that connection! You’ll have hectic withdrawal and suffer from missing out on all the news!!

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