So How Did I Lose 42 Pounds!!?!

That’s 19 kilos in sowff effrikun lingo. Well, I had a lot of help bunnies!
It all started in September last year when I had a laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication to correct a hiatus hernia that was prolly about 10 years old… eating sleeping, starving, waking… I had heartburn and asthma ALL the time!
The op involves using the top of the stomach to create a new valve to replace the one that doesn’t work- then you spend almost 6 weeks on a liquid diet training the valve how its s’posed to work. So not only is your stomach physically smaller, but you also have to eat carefully- chew EVERYTHING to mush and take really small bites otherwise it gets stuck in your oesophagus! This is so uncomfortable I cannot put it in words- and for someone who loves their food as much as I do learning to take small bites and chew properly was quite a lesson! Let me just say, that when food does get stuck above the intake valve to your stomach, your mouth floods with saliva and you want to keep swallowing- which only aggravates it! And the “side effect” is that I cannot burp or throw up, so once I swallow I just have to wait till it goes down.
Another side effect of having a significantly smaller stomach is that it’s actually painful if I eat or drink too much, my stomach shrunk a lot after the op, and now doesn’t have as much left of it to stretch as the stomach is usually able to do.
So its taken me over a year to lose the weight, and I haven’t reached my target yet, but being forced to learn to eat slowly and in small portions helped immensely!
I still eat whatever I like, just a lot less of it than I used to.
And of course starting to lose weight is simply an incentive to continue! My wardrobe has increased since there’s now a whole lotta stuff I can fit into again!

11 thoughts on “So How Did I Lose 42 Pounds!!?!

  1. all bunnies: thank you thank you thank you… i am so a sucker for a compliment! i am enjoying my new self, i’m enjoying the renewed attention even if it is “covert”

    B: suprisingly little or no pain, i was amazed!
    Shebee: should i be worried…?

  2. Fantastic, Angel. I hope you’re proud of yourself. You and your blog look great in your new “selves.”

  3. WELL.

    I dreamt of a horse giving birth to kittens last night, if you must know.


    You asked.

    My step mom had the same op as you. How about that 😛

  4. you do look great angel!!

    a laparoscopic nissen fundplication… good heavens ok…. i think i’ll skip and keep on running… 🙂

  5. Mhh… not sure I’ll be following this diet. Some major pain involved huh? 🙂 All the same congrats!

  6. That is so totally awesome Angel! Not the reason for the weightloss, of course, but the loss itself is fabulous. I’ve recently developed heartburn/acid reflux where none existed before. I don’t think I’ll do anything about it, though.

  7. I have one of those hernias too but haven’t done anything about it. I always have bad side effects when I am put under.So I am a bit afraid.

    I’ll just continue to sleep upright until I can stand it no longer.

    Congratulations to you again on your weight loss! Awesome!

  8. ` Glads I founds your blog again!

    ` NE way… you were kind of forced to lose weight. As long as you did it, either way… that’s great.
    ` BTW, how the heck do you get a hernia inside your stomach?
    ` Do you get it from swallowing large buttons attached to people’s clothings, like my cat is trying to do right now?

    ` Knock at the door! must go!

  9. You go, Girl!!! Awesome! I have lost 32 in the last year, but sadly 8 are now back and they are getting ready to go bye bye ASAP!

    Rock on, Mama!

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