Its NSNMOTB’s Birthday!!!

Yup!!! My Bestest Best Friend is having a birthday!!!

Get Your Own!

We had a fantabulous party last night for Gen’s birthday- lamb on the spit and some awesome salads as only NSNMOTB knows how to make!
Aaaaaand then I made quite an entrance bunnies…! I know I like to be the centre of attention- but not this way!!!
On arriving, I had my bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in one hand and my wine glass in the other hand and made my way outside to find a corkscrew… completely not seeing the step leading from the covered verandah to the brick-paved pool area.
I went down FAST- trying to keep my feet as I stumbled, going down on my left knee, HARD, scraping my hand on the bricks and smashing my wine glass!
I somehow managed to get myself onto my backside from there- without injuring my bottle of wine in the least- and promptly sat in a puddle on the bricks that the kids had made while swimming! I had a damp backside pretty much all night!
And now my knee is swollen and I’m limping and feeling sorry for myself- though it’s not blue yet…

9 thoughts on “Its NSNMOTB’s Birthday!!!

  1. n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: ja- thank goodness you didn’t have your camera- especially with you and the action shots!!!
    love you madly tjomma!!!

  2. The cake is stunning! Hope your knee feels better real soon and thanks for being at the party!!! (you can be so lucky I had not yet un packed my camera)!!!

    Love you madly bye!

  3. NSNMOTB…wtf??? 🙂

    i can just imagine you on your arse balancing that bottle of wine giggling a mile a minute!!!

  4. rrramone: must check it out! dunno how i missed it…

    s.c.g.: MWA

    p.p.: i’ll tell her!

    jenty: 😀 i have my priorities you know…

    mr r rabbit:there’s that, and thanx…

  5. Yes, I was in SA last October and I did post about it (check the archives). 🙂 The most magical place ever.

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