Could you be a closet claustrophobic?

Modified Mummy tagged me with the “7 things” meme a while ago, and I apologise for having been so slow completing it… I think I may’ve done it before- or something similar- but I do love playing meme-meme!!

So here goes.


7. When it comes to my relationships with men- romantic or sexual ones I mean- I put them in charge because I have no brakes. If allowed to I will steadily drive the guy nuts because I am quite happy to call him, email him, text him, IM him and go to see him till he’s sick of me! I like to agree the rules up front then I know how far I am allowed to push things.


6. I have a list of ten rules- carefully thought out and carefully worded- for my FiB partners. I allow a little bending of the rules, but if they’re broken the “relationship” ends.


5. I am a biker at heart… I just can’t afford my own bike! My hands itch when they go by me on the highway, and I am often tempted to just pull over on a highway, stop the first biker I see and beg him to take me with him wherever he’s going!


4. All through school, my personal motto was “no kids, no husband”. I never did the babysitting-for-extra-money, helping-out-in-Sunday-school thing. Had my darling Damien- the centre of my little universe- not come along by accident, I woulda been quite happily single and childless!!!


3. I am addicted to nicotine, caffeine, communication, tattoos and sex. I only smoke when I drink, and caffeine makes me sleepy… communication can be in any form- blog comments, emails, phone calls, text messages or IM chats, doesn’t matter. I don’t get NEARLY enough sex and I can’t afford as many tattoos as I want…


2. When Damien isn’t home and I don’t have to play mommy, then I don’t cook, clean, do laundry or wake up on time, and I have the cats to myself! I also don’t see much of my family as I indulge in visiting friends or going out on my own. I pretty much live on coke, coffee, strawberry sorbet and yoghurt. I spend all my time online or watching CSI slash X-Files DVDs. Now if I had a FiB… or a boyfriend… I would most likely spend all my time in bed, mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa!


1. I blush easily at work… for some reason not really anywhere else. And I blush from my ears to my throat! My colleagues love to tease me and make me blush and when I feel my face get hot I blush even more!!!



And now I’m gonna tag seven bloggers!

M     Starting with a very good real-life friend of mine and a fellow tattooed mom- Anelle at Cow’s Corner!!!

M     And I’m gonna tag my bestest best friend Gen, aka NSNMOTB because she ignored blogland for such a long time (and yes, I know it wasn’t entirely your fault tjomma)!

M     And I’ll tag my new friend M@, who has an Animal Mind… since he’s my new blogosphere friend and I want to get to know him better.

M     And I think I’ll tag Szarek (Will) because he’s also fairly new to blogland too, and because I can’t recall him doing a list like this yet.

M     My next taggee is Tracy– I admire her and her determination and I reckon a list like this completed by an ADHDer should be entertaining in the least.

M     And I want a list from you Faerie.

M     And last but not least, I’ll tag Rabbit! Hhmmm… seven things Bunny related… should be fascinating!


And no- I will not accept any excuses- I have tagged you, now run along and do your homework or I’ll send a letter to your parents!


13 thoughts on “Could you be a closet claustrophobic?

  1. “now its 10 or twenty of whatever’s going when i have a night out…? is that not cutting down?

    Let’s get it down to ten a month.

  2. m@: dude, since when!!?! most of the women i speak to dislike sex intensely!
    smoking, shopping and alcohol are much easier jones’ to fix!
    i won’t tell your mom, promise, you did the meme so i don’t have to!

  3. You know, it’s SO fucking easy for a woman to become addicted to sex. I mean, it’s an addiction that’s easier to fulfill. 🙂

    And you better NOT tell my mom about my animal mind.

  4. writeprocrastinator: well, i think i did! i mean, it used to be 40 chesterfield lights a day… now its 10 or twenty of whatever’s going when i have a night out…? is that not cutting down?

    add tracy: hello hello! can’t wait for your list!!!
    wait… um, what IM thingy…?
    i’m on a number of different IM toys t- which would you like to use? mail me girl!

    tattooed mama: awesome! thanx- and thanx for stopping by!

  5. I KNEW you were after me Angel! I could feel your intense universal pull all the way in California.

    So I have never played mee-mee before.

    Let me get this right, you want me to expose 7 sacred secrets about myself to the world? Is that correct?


    Now if I can just remember my name so I can log in! DHOOO!

    Tracy something….hmmmm

  6. Phew. I’m actually glad I didn’t get tagged. I really struggle with these list thingies!

    As soon as I get a bike, I’ll take you for a spin, OK?

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