So What Did I Do For My Birthday…?

Well, I got spoilt… absolutely, totally and completely spoilt rotten bunnies!!! I partied the night away with the Glugster (of course) and Sweetass and friends and family. The band was awesome and we had a super fantastic evening!
And pressies? My mommy and daddy darling gave me a pair of wings!!! I have been eyeing them… and they know me so well! My sister B gave me a ring with turquoise stones in it, Sweetass gave me a sexy pair of purple knickers (Glug says thanx tjomma 😀), my sister C gave me a new album and some scrapbooking goodies, and the Glugster… well sheesh… where do I start!!! He took me shopping, bunnies! Angel was in heaven I tell you!!! I got the most amazing pair of Nine West jeweled high heels and an assortment of totally gawjiss knickers and lingerie from La Senza no less!!! A pair of sparkly white Skechers, new jeans, t-shirts… wow!!!
And… um, well um, we broke the Glugster’s bed… it was about 1am on my birthday and poor Damien nearly had a heart attack in the room next door (and thankfully doesn’t remember it)!!! I will not be going into specifics bunnies, LOL, but we broke a bed that apparently wasn’t supposed to be able to break- and then I was giggling so much I couldn’t help Glugs fix it!!!
Tomorrow night we’ll be partying like rock stars and ringing in the New Year with friends and family at my mommy and daddy darling’s place. Damien is away with friends again- he left on my birthday and I miss him terribly already… and this will be my first new year’s without him ever!
Happy New Year bunnies! I hope it’s a fantastic party and you all get home safely if you’re driving anywhere.
As for 2008… its gonna be good!!!





Okay maybe not ALL about it…

But here’s an announcement you may get a kick out of…

I got a boyfriend for Christmas!!!
I got a boyfriend for Christmas!!!
I got a boyfriend for Christmas!!!
I got a boyfriend for Christmas!!!

Angel is Living The Glugster Life bunnies!!!

Hhmmm… is that obvious enough? Okay, I’ll make it a little clearer- we’re dating. Me and the Glug.

Yes I’m serious.