Not Quite Normal…

Yes, I’m talking about me- but not in the way you may think I mean it, though you probably wouldn’t be far wrong if you assumed I was talking about me, myself and I. What I mean is that there’s been a decided lack of mommy-ish type posts round here lately. Mainly because my darling Damien hasn’t been home since November 24th so I haven’t had much mommy-ish type stuff to post about!

At least this kinda solved a small part of something I’ve often wondered- whether or not I’d have anything to blog about if I wasn’t a mom… LOL!

My darling Damien’s been away, and I’ve been gallivanting! I’ve hardly been home and when I am home, I’m online all night! I haven’t cooked or cleaned. I’ve snuggled with the cats. It’s been so much fun… but I now REALLY miss my boy! How much I miss him started to creep in around last Wednesday when he’d been gone three days… and I was really looking forward to him coming home on Saturday. Then last Thursday he calls and asks if he may stay longer. I said okay since J’s mom was fine with it and Damien was having such fun. Last Friday, what was officially the last day of school for the year, Damien and J caught the bus from J’s place to the school to fetch their final school reports*.

Damien passed with a 51% average!!! I am SO SO proud of him! And he’s very pleased with himself too! Now I need you to understand here bunnies- this may not be A’s and B’s, and I have yet to see his report… but to me, the fact that he maintained this, a passing average throughout the year, including exams, homework, CTAs and portfolio work, is a HUGE achievement!!!

He’s going to grade 10. We’ve already picked his subjects and paid next year’s deposit.

Well done my darling DARLING Damien child! I am so very VERY proud of you for passing so well and for doing it yourself!

And now for something completely different…

I got a text message from Damien on Saturday afternoon telling me he and J had gotten their ears pierced in celebration of passing!!! Now anyone who’s been here for a while may remember that Damien and I have (or rather “had”) and agreement about body art. He’s supposed to wait till he’s at least 18, he has to pay for them himself and he may not touch his gorgeous face!

The piercing itself doesn’t bug me, he’s gorgeous enough to get away with any kind of hairstyle and he’s worn “fake” earrings often before… what bugs me is his breaking our agreement. I only hope he went somewhere reputable and didn’t do it himself or something…

I haven’t seen the piercing yet either… so as soon as he comes him I’ll take a picture so you can all lemme know what you think!

And on yet another note… I am sitting here quite literally nodding off!

Last night when I went to bed, round 11:30pm I think… I realised that I had two roses lying on my keyboard (I was at a wedding and had pinned my hair up with them) and that perhaps I should put them in some water. So off I go to the kitchen- and without bothering to switch on a light I find a glass, pour in some water from the tap, put the roses in the glass and go to bed.

Can you see where this is going…?

I woke up this morning- WAAAAY before my alarm clocks went off- to a noise I didn’t recognise… and it was raining so I was about to dismiss it and go back to sleep for an hour… when I realised it sounded like running water INSIDE not in a gutter.

I shot out of bed and quickly checked the toilet and bathroom next to my bedroom- no problems there… and then walked into the living room…

Water, water, everywhere and all that! And to top it off my cats watching smugly as I wade into the kitchen to fetch the squeegee… it took me an hour to mop up the more than three buckets of water… thank goodness my flat is tiled!!! And thank goodness I woke up before it reached my furniture!!!

*South African schools run January to December

20 thoughts on “Not Quite Normal…

  1. I find this fascinating, I thought everyone worldwide took the summer months off consecutively, but I took the Southern Hemisphere for granted. That really wouldn’t go with your summer.

  2. writeprocrastinator: ha, instead of the long summer holiday they have in the usa, we have holidays inbetween… 3 weeks in march/april, 3 weeks in june/july, a week in september and 6 weeks over christmas. our winter is only about 3 months long and relatively mild.

  3. Congrats Damien and “January to December?” The kids should have at least two months off, brutal stuff.

  4. YES! That’s awesome news. I bet it also feels really good to know that he is feeling good, too.

    Weird how you can be dead asleep but when a ‘wrong’ noise is afoot you shoot up! What a nightmare, though.

    Glad you’ve been having some fun. Mommy’s need it too!

  5. katy katy katy: indeed!

    m@: i don’t even wanna think about it!

    louisa: i haven’t decided yet…

    n.s.n.m.o.t.b.: heh heh… how’d you know i was swearing!??!

    p.p.: aaaw thanx! ears aren’t a problem here, it’s the rest of the body you need consent for…

    s.c.g.: i will tell him i missed him! and i’m kinda looking forward to yanking on his ear when he isn’t listening ~~evil grin~~

    living bridget: thanx b!

    s.s.n. i do indeed… thanx nick

  6. Congratulations to Damien!


    When Damien is away,
    Angel goes out to play?

    Blessings, ya’ll.

  7. Ouch, Angel. Good thing you didn’t have to replace carpet.

    I double pierced my ears when I was maybe 11, and my Mom was so pissed at me. It was the style at the time, but she made me take them out and the holes closed. By the time I was allowed to do it, I didn’t want to anymore. He’s a very normal teenager, and you’re a good Mommy. Tell him how much you missed him. He’ll always remember it.

  8. Congratulations!

    You have one awesome boy there!

    Where I am at kids can’t get piercings unless their parents sign for them and even then some places refuse to do it.

  9. Well Done D!!! We are all very proud of you!!!!!! Angel – you see there is light at the end of the tunnel (well at least one of the tunnels). Can just imagine you mopping up the water and swearing at the same time – hehehehehe!!!!!!

  10. Congrats to Damien for passing! 🙂
    So what are you going to do about the piercing angel? Or are you still thinking about it?

  11. szarek (will): i’ll tell him, and i still like flowers!

    jenty: i do wish i’d hear it sooner…

    sweetass: yay! congrats sweetass’ “beasties”!!!

    mel: dunno if he’ll give up on it, he’s wanted it for a while…

    nosjunkie: i reckon he went for an earring coz he can’t afford ink! LOL

  12. Congrats Damien!

    Angel Hunny… just so you know if my mom had told me no body art I would have thought about tat’s not piercings…
    so I am sure it wasn’t intentional that he broke your agreement

  13. Congrats Damien and congratz Mom for all the encouraging /aka nagging I am sure you had to do during the year.
    Bet the novelty of the earing will soon disappear and in 6 months time the hole closed. At least he stayed away from the ink!

  14. congrats D!!!

    my two beasties also passed, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    i’m so relieved…phew

  15. Excellent news on D’s results!!!
    You’re very lucky there wasn’t much damage with the water. Glad you heard it in time.

  16. Tell D I say congratulations…

    Ai you see I always knew that flowers is a bitch…look what they made you do..hehe…shame I feel for you…

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