The Knucklehead Is Home!

Yup! And he pierced his ear… TWICE!!! The little shit! He didn’t tell me he had two holes… and he did not go to a reputable professional piercing place, J did it for him, at home, in the bathroom!
But his ear isn’t red or swollen so I don’t think it’s too bad…
They had a total blast together. They skated all over the place and walked the town flat. They gave J’s mom a bit of a start one night when she went to tell them to turn the music down at around midnight and the two of them had scarpered! She called J and told them to hightail it back home… they visited with friends who live near J. they watched TV, watched DVDs, smoked up a storm in J’s room- which is the garage… LOL… and they made rat traps out of junk they found lying around. And Damien’s prize for the week? A cat skull he and J found on a vacant lot! He’s always had a thing for bones… teehee
And they ate E out of house and home! I took her a bag of groceries when I fetched Damien this afternoon to make up for them cleaning her out…
AND- bonus- E is a Pratchett fan like me and she loaned me “Good Omens” and “Wintersmith” to read!

24 thoughts on “The Knucklehead Is Home!

  1. A double piercing isn’t too bad. And to think, as thing progress the way they are, your grandchildren will come back from vacation with quintuple piercings and the cat skulls hanging off of them.

  2. katy katy katy: holding thumbs thy’ll heal proper…

    louisa: no they don’t look bad, and he’s suprised i wasn’t more upset…

    pterry ROOLZ!!!

  3. Whoohoo! Welcome home to your son. The earings don’t look bad angel, plus he has that long hair to stash it under if he feels like it, I guess?

    Pratchett is awesome! 😀

  4. well as long as its not infected …

    glad to see he is home and safe and he had a good time.

  5. sweetass: 😀

    nosjunkie: heh heh, does doesn’t it. thanx lee!

    jenty: me too, ~~giggle~~

  6. I like the piercing both of them looks good on him I just cant say the same for the cat scul though thats creepy Will probably digs it.

    I must agree about doing the piercing at home ouch the boy has bals Il tel you that

  7. Wow sounds like Damien had a wild time for sure! A cat skull? Umm did they kill the cat? hahaha

  8. bridget: oooouch woman!!!

    m@: ummm, no… i think he’s a greebo…

    wenchy: mwaaaahahahahaaaaa… thats amazing! damien has quite a collection of bones!

    cami: i’ll pop round later to collect it!

    w.w.: “absconded”? “made like donald and ducked”? “awol”?

    gin: 😀

  9. What does “scarpered” mean? And my head’s spinning with the abbreviated names…but that’s OK.

    The D looks happy. And so, I sense, are you.

  10. Yay for you and Damian… he is so much like Liam… or Liam like him… WOW… except Liam had the one piercing proper (I took him) and the second he just did himself…… and he apparently now has a duiker skull???

  11. It’s a rite of passage, the first time a man gets his ears pierced. He’s not a pirate, is he?

  12. I have three piercings on my ears! So D is cool! I also have 7 piecing in the rest of my anatomy so be glad! Luckily, most of the places I’ve pierced close when not in use! hurray!

  13. tattooed mama: aw thanx!

    cami: LOL, clever indeed!

    glugster: int he just!?!

    yellowdog granny: i doubt damien’s friends will be trying that… and the bratprince is cool!

    meherenow: at least… 😀
    and if anyone’s needy its me!!!

  14. Well at least it doesn’t look infected right?!

    I’m sure you’re really glad to have him home, I know when my soon went away for FIVE,yes FIVE weeks,I missed him terribly and he’s only 8!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog so often I’m getting to look forward to reading your comments! I’m soooo needy!! HeHe!!

  15. it could have been least it was his ear..ha
    oh man, I remember when Thom got his first ear was a tiny set of handcuffs..I had a fit..after his friends all tried to jerk them out(they thought that would be fun) he took them out..

  16. OMG haha. i remember those ear piercing days. my mom would be so mad at me.. but then, i went and fell in love with a tattoo artist and well.. just has just come to accept it now.. *l*

    glad he is home!! you sound like such a rad mom.

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