I Reckon The Rest Of Planet Should Strive To Be Like The Blogosphere!

I do indeed, bunnies.

Totally! Completely and without a doubt, this is what I think.

And I’m not even being sarcastic or derisive or anything like that- I’m not even being facetious- I really mean it! It is something that has occurred to me over and over again since I started blogging, and lately it’s been on my mind again.

As much flak as bloggers get for being wannabe journalists and biased and seemingly scheming, conniving types because we’re allowed to do what we do anonymously- we all keep doing it!

We all blog for different reasons, but we keep hammering away at our keyboards. We keep reading our favourites, commenting on them, commenting on comments, laughing with and at each other, getting incensed over some things, crying over others, wanting to reach out and hug our regular reads when they’re having a hard time… we build very genuine and surprisingly intense relationships with each other because we share so much of our lives with each other on line.

Yes I suppose there are a few bloggers out there who pretend to be completely different online to how they really are- and to be honest- I think that’s part of what blogging is for, getting to know yourself!

But the few bloggers I have met outside of blogland are the same people as they are on my screen, and I think it’s awesome*!

So why do I think the rest of the world should endeavour to be like we are in blogland?

Because I cannot truly think of anywhere else that people of such diverse personalities, cultures, upbringings and languages can get on so well with each other! Feel so deeply for each other!

And what brings it home to me even more, is that many of the bloggers I read blog anonymously- I post pictures of me and Damien but I don’t use our surname, tell exactly where I live or what school Damien goes to or use my friends and family’s names. But many of my favourite reads use aliases and never post pictures of themselves. Yet as a blogger you can build a relationship with someone, a genuine friendship, based purely on their personality and how their brain works!

Then when you find out something new about them- something that in society may be something that causes a storm in a teacup- it’s totally inconsequential! It’s just another aspect to the relationship you already have!

Like learning that someone you read almost daily has sexual preferences different to yours…

Perhaps they live in a country you’ve always been told is anti-whatever and you should dislike the locals intensely…

Or maybe they’re a different colour to you…

Maybe it’s that they speak a different language to you…

Anorexic… bulimic… alcoholic… pierced… SAHM…overweight… junkie… unwed mother… slut… stripper… soldier… working mom… tattooed…

More often than not it makes no difference because you already know and like the blogger through their writing! And very often, finding out that little bit extra simply explains a few things you wondered about whilst stalking their archives!!!

Blogland… spread the love and the word! Let’s take over the world!!!


*current favourite word used at every opportunity

21 thoughts on “I Reckon The Rest Of Planet Should Strive To Be Like The Blogosphere!

  1. Hear Hear! This post should be published somewhere for all the world to see. Oh wait, I guess it sort of is hey 😉 LOL!

  2. Angel,

    Very well said. I totally agree. Outside of blogging, my friendships run very deep and I have had many of the same friends for well over 20 years, getting together to share our lives with eachother almost on a weekly basis. I never could have imagined that when I started blogging, I would feel the same connection with some of my blog friends who are countries away from me. Its amazing how quickly you get to know someone when you aren’t afraid to write and ask questions about their lives and you soon find out that people want to share this with you even if you aren’t in the same room.

  3. Wow. That’s a great post. I love my blogpals too…except for the one who stalked me last winter…or the one who recently slandered me on her blog…other than those two, I gots big love for y’all! Especially you!

  4. Vell! I don’t vat to say. Everyone has already said it! I’ve been leaning more towards being more open, you know, posting pics etc etc, but I like the anonimity and I like that there are people in my REAL LIFE who read me and keep in check in case I want to give in to embellishing, it makes the exploration of myself that much more fun. It’s been a pleasure getting to you Ang, bril post!

  5. I also wholeheartedly agree. I’ve learned to bound more with those blogging then people I see face-to-face that like a big fake world. Such a waste of time. Great words!

  6. It’s truly brain-to-brain interaction, just like making eye contact w/ someone in real life.

  7. Brill post. I agree of course. I love the real friendships and intimacies that exist in blogland. It’s like a big playground where we can all play safely, fight, make-up, learn, swap ideas and be whoever we want to be. Our dress up box is endless and our friends out there fascinating. I reveal more of myself on my blog than I do in person as I feel safe sitting behind this computer.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly…I love my blogger family….and when I first started out I was so dumb…I posted my name, address and phone number..course most people know that I live in West anyhow..but when I first started they thought it was a made up town…and when they figured out it was a real place, they were blown away…I keep telling everyone …it’s 1957 here..and we like it that way…
    I have met 2 of my blogging family, and talked on the phone and written to at least a dozen..trying to get everyone to come to west, texas next year for our annual westfest…it’s fun…it’s faily inexpensive and the food is terrific…ya’ll come on down…

  9. That is absolutely the truth. I just couldn’t agree with you more. Thing is you get to meet so many people that in normal circumstances you wouldn’t ‘hang out’ with. So you get to know the real person without the ‘persona’ that community tends to hang around our necks

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