Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

I. Fucking. Hate.


HATE having my plans cancelled at the last minute, bunnies…!!!

Is that clear enough here?

Especially when I have organized for Damien to go to my mom or something! I cannot leave him home alone for too long (I don’t need to explain this right?) and if I’m not sure what time I’m going to be home, I try to make sure he can stay overnight wherever he’s going. And IF this is what I’ve planned I cannot simply switch nights with whomever I was going to go gallivanting with! Switching may not suit my folks or my sister or whoever I have managed to blackmail into having Damien for the night… Hence the organizers switching dates means I have to cancel!

And after yesterday I was SO looking forward to a night out…


17 thoughts on “Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

  1. ah! so I’m also sorry to comment late but glad it got better. btw huge kudos for having the guts to title it FuckFuckFuckFuck. Cause let’s face it some days that’s all the brain can compute!

  2. Well, I’m late, so I got to see the happy ending…it ties nicely into the lovely post you did about the family of bloggers recently. That’s good blogger karma in action!

  3. yellowdog: oh aren’t you the sweetest!

    writeprocrastinator: brilliant idea!

    cami: ha! we have something in common!!!

    louisa: indeed, but it happens…

    s.s.n.: ;-P

  4. oh that sucks..wish I was closer and could run over and keep an eye on him…I’m great with kids..dang..really sorry.I know you needed that night out..

  5. This would piss me off too. As a matter a fact, it just did. You want me to sort them out for you?

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