I’m Still Sane…

Though some people may argue that point with me…
It’s Friday and its a long weekend. I’m partying with Glugster & Sweetass tonight so its a phenomenal Friday already!
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the unbelievably caring comments, emails and IM sessions helping me deal with my Damien drama of the last coupla days…
Its just so touching ~~sniffle~~ and I just cannot tell you how much it means to me that you guys would not only read this drivel- but actually take the time to look things up and mull things over to try and help me!!!
You guys rock, and I dunno how I survived before I started blogging and met all you all!!!
Love you THIIIIIIIIIIIIS much!!!
Catch you on the weekend eventually!

14 thoughts on “I’m Still Sane…

  1. meherenow: i did! i did! i did!

    preposterous ponderings: i did! i did! i did!

    yellowdog granny: i did! i did! i did!

    sometimes saintly nick: i did! i did! i did!

    jenty: we did! we did! we did!

    mobile katy: oh i woulda loved to be in vegas with you!!!

    sweetass: wasn’t it just… rotfl?

    michelle hix: oh what an awesome comment michelle, thank you! i’ll pop around our place soon!!!

    dyna girl: i plan to dyna…

    meherenow: oh crappers… i’ll add it to my list!

  2. Just wanted to tell you that I haven’t read all your posts…I’m a new visitor…but I have an 11 year old with some issues also. I feel for you. I know what it is like to raise a child that doesn’t fit any mold of parenting styles. When you read all the psychology books out there and try it all and nothing works…you are on your own and its tough!!! Hang in there. I know what its like to take each day at a time and know that every day my child wakes up alive that we’re okay. And every day that I see my child have a happy moment, I’ve succeeded for just a minute in a day full of hours that I spend feeling failure. You have a tough job and you are doing great with him.

  3. no problem thats what blog buddies are there for. to bad your so far away or you could have come along with Jin and me to party in Vegas. she is out and about right now while I am chained to a table in a conference room while being tortured by a boring speaker. that god for webenabled cell phones

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