I Am Totally Wiped Out!!!

I had a truly extravagant weekend bunnies! And despite sleeping more than I have since I can’t remember when, I am now yawning my pip off this morning!

My weekend started on Friday night with a braai at Sweetass’ place with Glugster, and you’ll be pleased to know Bridget that he supplied us with a few spectacular bottles of pinotage. We had an awesome time, talking and boogying and when the Glug announced it was almost 2am and he’d best make tracks I nearly had a canary!!! The poor dude had to work the whole of Saturday and Damien was lights out on Sweetass’ couch! Thanx for a lekker evening Glugster! And Sweetass, I ALWAYS have a jol when I’m with you- and Friday night was NO exception tjomma!!! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to our birthday party*!

Then on Saturday Glug twisted my arm to pack Damien up and go with him to the game farm he mentioned in a previous post on his own blog! In a split second and moment of complete rashness I said yes- much to Damien’s delight after we checked out the website!

Bunnies… I can’t describe it any way except perhaps as breathtaking!!!

This is the kind of place Damien and I have only ever seen in magazines!

It’s a massive thatched house on the side of a hill with four bedrooms- each with an on suite bathroom! Our own splash pool! Our own 4×4 enabled game drive vehicle! A maid who comes in daily to clean up and make beds! A FULLY kitted out kitchen- and when I say fully, I mean fully bunnies- even a set of Winnie-The-Pooh cups and plates for if you take kidlets with you… and a dishwasher! Towels and bed linen supplied… Damien and I were like a coupla kids in a candy store I tell you! It was unreal!!! And we were the first people in the place it’s that new! Damien of course wasted no time in vanishing into the surrounding bush, finding scorpions and spiders and checking out the birdlife and yelling for the camera. And then he was in the pool when it wasn’t raining!

Then on Monday morning we were going to take the game drive vehicle out to go and look for animals, and the developer’s son (I think) arrived to take us on a tour of the entire farm. It’s a HUGE place and we saw PLENTY of game- lots of babies and youngsters. Damien and I had never been on a game drive, and While Glug and I were searching the bush for game… which was green and lush with SO much water… Damien spotted dung beetles, lizards, squirrels and frogs! And he had our poor driver stopping every now and then so he could jump out and examine holes and spoor!


Glugster, I can honestly say, that Damien and I have NEVER been so spoilt! The two short days in the bush made my weekend feel like it was a week long and Damien had an absolute blast! Thank you, thank you, thank you- from the bottom of my heart!!


Ooh, and of course I’ll be posting pictures on my photo blog later so you can go and check those out there of you’d like to- and see just how spoilt I was.


*more on this later today…

17 thoughts on “I Am Totally Wiped Out!!!

  1. “finding scorpions”

    Why, they can’t find themselves?

    Leave them, the dung beetles, too.

  2. WOW Sounds like you guys have been busy. Spiders, Scorpions uhh no thanks but i’d totally hang by the pool for sure! 🙂 haha. I am going to go check out your photo blog, and Damien has a blog now??

    Have a great holiday

  3. m@: it is dude- and apparently the “waterberge” look like texas!

    ruby: thanx for the wishes girl, enjoy your holiday! its a pity you’ll be missing it!

  4. Hey Angelface!
    just came back from my own bush holiday too;-) I’m not exactly home though, but i’m visiting the parentals, as i only get to see them bout 3 times a year…plus i’m unattached, so at this point in time it works out brilliantly;-)So glad you enjoyed the time away!!!!

    This is just to let you know that unfortunately i’ll be missing out on the big bash….but early happy birthday sweety!!!! i don’t think i’ll be able to post on your birthday…so this is an early birthday wish;-) lots of happiness and blessings for you in the year to come!

  5. shebee: it was indeed… pics loaded!!!

    jenty: it was a very detailed prescription and i followed it to the letter!

    katy katy katy: watching girl, watching- no hunting there

    sweetass: i did and it was! and so could i girl!

    faerie: worked like a charm i tell you

    cami: now that’s an understatement

    preposterous ponderings: me either! double cool for me!!!

  6. i’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!!!! the party and the weekend that is…mwhahahahhahaha

    sounds really like a great place!

    dishwasher…i could get used to that!

  7. question – game farm in terms of you go there to watch game or to hunt. The first one I’d love to do but the later is not my cup of tea as a matter of fact I’d think that cruel.

    glad to hear you had a great weekend

  8. Wow, sounds gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the pics. It sounds like it was just what the doctor ordered after the week you’d had!

  9. Oh my gosh, this place sounds fabulous!

    I’m so glad you had fun. will check out the pictures later 🙂

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