I got a Cami tag… five memes ago… and I am finally done with it!!! And then I got another 8 things meme tag from Meherenow just the other day! Laawwwwd… am I a sucker for attention or what, bunnies??!? Anyhoodle, the easiest part of this list to complete was the books and the music… in fact the music list had to be DRASTICALLY whittled down to just 8, and of course my “top 8” changes every other day too!! And then I added a list of eight random things to the bottom of the list to match up with your tag, Meherenow!


8 Things I Am Passionate About



My family

My friends



My cats



8 Things I Say Often



I’m going for more coffee…





I haven’t got money now


8 Books I Have Read Recently

The Gunslinger- Steven King

The Drawing of the Three- Steven King

The Waste Lands- Steven King

Wizard and Glass- Steven King

Wolves of the Calla- Steven King

Song of Susannah- Steven King

The Dark Tower- Steven King

Fingerprints of the Gods- Graham Hancock


8 Songs I Could Listen To Over And Over

Robbie Williams- Me and My Monkey

The B52’s- Rock Lobster

James Brown- I Feel Good

Guns ‘n Roses- Mr Brownstone

ACDC- Back In Black

Six Was Nine- Will It Go Round in Circles

Counting Crows- Rain King

Nina Simone- My Baby Just Cares For Me


8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends



A sense of humour

Common interests

I can only think of four…

Nothing else is particularly important…

Not even common interests really…

Especially since my friends and I are so very different from each other as it is!


8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

See Machu Picchu

Own a Ducati Monster S4R

Drive a Ferrari F50

Bike the 29th parallel

Visit the Sistine Chapel

Drive a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640

See my son happy and successful in his chosen career

Follow one season of F1 racing around the world


And to finish it I’m adding 8 things for MeHereNow… sheesh… so what don’t you know about me yet? This gets tricky after more than two years…

    1. I adore diamonds… I plan on buying my own stone one day as a celebration of how far I have come! My dad doesn’t get it.
    2. If I am ever serious enough over someone to consider marriage… I’ll simply have a canary if he proposes on Valentines Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Valentines Day, my birthday or New Year’s Eve!!! No offence to those who have done or are planning to do so…
    3. I maintain my physically handicapped nephew’s “fan club” newsletters and blog, and I love doing it.
    4. I am a stickler for the rules. I stick to the speed limit and the road rules as much as I possibly can, I don’t drive inside the emergency lane, I indicate, I give way for bikes and pedestrians. I don’t litter. I don’t park where I’m not supposed to.
    5. I am either on time or a little early. I loathe tardiness in myself and anyone else… I get that from my daddy darling.
    6. I only once bunked school (played hookey) in my entire school career, and that was by accident. The one day there were several excursions on the go and most of the grade 11s weren’t going to be at school. I was driving to school with Damien’s father everyday and when I arrived at his house dressed and ready he was still in his jammies and his mom had already left! So I nabbed a T-shirt, we got back into bed and pretty much stayed there for the day.
    7. I have smoked grass three times in my life and once ate several “enhanced” brownies… and was sorely disappointed when nothing happened!!! I gave it up as a waste of money and stuck with cigarettes.
    8. My 21st birthday was celebrated a month in advance of my actual birthday at what was then (and still is though it no longer exists) my favourite hang out- The Robber’s Dog Tavern. I took some liver capsules so I could prepare myself, drank everything I could get my hands on- my dad even made me stand on a table to deliver my speech and then down a “sex on the beach”- and I was still sober at 3am. So I found me someone on the dance floor as my friends had had enough and gone home, and asked him to take me home. We ended up being chased all over the suburb I live in by the cops ‘coz we kept stopping on the side of the road to shag in the car!

13 thoughts on “Finally!!!

  1. I don’t think its a south african thing, its an angel thing, having canaries 😉

    I lol’ed at the last no. 8. hahaha.

  2. “um, maybe its a south africanism?”

    Then give me more of these, perhaps a whole post-full?

  3. writeprocrastinator: um, maybe its a south africanism?

    meherenow: me too!!

    kingcover: well… i didn’t wanna be quite so blunt this being a mommy-blog and all… but you may be right!
    here’s a link to the 29th…

    sweetass: mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

    allan: so do i…

    yellowdog granny: 😀

    s.s.n.: um… i don’t remember!!

    p.p.: you reckon… bestseller?

  4. ahh, I like all that I read here..and I’m big on being on time too, think it comes from being raised in the military…despise having to wait on someone..

  5. Well well wellllll I never would have guessed that you say “dude” a lot. That blew my mind when I saw that it was the first one on that list!!! 😀
    LOL at “accidentally bunking off school”. I think you may have gotten bunking and bonking mixed up there. Hahahahaha 😉

  6. I am SO with you on no.s 1,2,4,5,& 6!!

    See,we’re quite alike and very different at the same time! I love it when that happens!

  7. What’s this about “having canaries?” I’ve heard of “having kittens,” but “canaries?”

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